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AITA – Father Wants Daughter To Remove Tattoos


Tattoos. Some people consider them art, while others hate them. However, we believe that every adult has the right to place whatever body art they like on their body!

One dad recently decided to take it to Reddit’s popular subreddit ‘Am I The A-hole’ to ask if he was in the wrong for demanding his daughter to get her face tattoos removed if she wants to move back into his house.

As it turns out, the girl lost her mom a long time ago, and she has struggled in her life ever since. Her father now believes that her tattoos could influence his two younger daughters and make it difficult for her to start a new life, so he demands she takes them out before she moves back in with them. Check out the story for yourself below and feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter.

Most Redditors agreed with the man’s wife and declared him to be the a-hole in this situation.

According to some, the ‘ultimatum’ can only worsen the situation for his daughter, and it won’t help her one bit!

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