1/4/19 – Woke As Hell Verse

Picture me kicking a superior flow, With lyrics of coal 

Knockin yo’ stockings up out the box when I apear and they show. 

(Merry Christmas)

Back up when I move/ 

Against the grain on a tax cut for the scroodge/ 

I’m lefty, yes, check the cause, cuz I’m real/ 

All I want next year is Sesta Festa repealed/ 

A habitable space, A maxium Wage/ 

A rich fat rat to eat for all my cats in the cage/   

That’s what I’ll say on your stereo blaring up the block/ 

Yelling out the window KAMALA HARRIS IS A COP/  

That’s racist of me even though I’m actually Black/ 

Either that or Russia came and hacked my little rap/ 

Can you dig it? I feel that you can’t/ 

It was prphetic to name Will Smith’s cousin Hilary Banks

Get it… Hilary yea. Dad Jokes are back so yall peep/ 

How the choices were build a wall or build a wall street/ 

These are the things you can expect/ From the Wine Cellar So yes/ 

A Rhyme Hella So fresh/ 

Capitalism forcing us to grind well into death/ 

To Sign over our checks/ 

And spend time froze in our debt/ 

And never connect with each other to see the lie is over and flex/             

And give ’em a taste of the medicine taht cory booker voted against/ 

But Whatever Though Ya know this rap is done/ 

It’s 2019, this was a practice run/ 

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