I’m Reminded Why I Tend To Call MGTOW And Incels The Same People

Hey gang.

I’m home from another shift.

Did some chores and sat down to scroll my feed for a bit before I get ready for tomorrow.

So on the facebook, I’ve been unfollowing a massive amount of people and pages starting last summer.

A side effect of The Great Unfollowing is that stuff you follow but haven’t interacted with will come back in your feed.

I used to take an interest in these weirdos that call themselves “Men’s Rights Activists”. I would analyze their podcasts and posts to argue against them on my own program because I thought they were full of shit.

So now one of their pages is back in my feed and reminding me of why I say the called MGTOW seems more like the so called Incel in denial.

I say “so called” because these fools aren’t actually “going their own way”. They’re literally doing absolutely nothing to subvert societal norms. And the Incels are very much voluntarily celibate. Someone exists that would probably consent to a sexual encounter with them but due to patriarchal values, it’s not someone they can use as a trophy to show off to other men. Furthermore; The so called Incel tends to be as repulsive as possible on person making themselves a less than desirable mate.

And they know it.

So here’s some fun screenshots that hit my feed from a so called MGTOW page and I’d like to share them with you. Let’s laugh at them.


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