Sure Happy It’s Tuesday – Baby Sitters Club S01 E01

 Hey gang. 
This is William J Jackson. 

With all that we’ve been doing here for 8 years, we’ve grown pretty serious. 
The comedy is still there but let’s the life back into life, eh’.  So with the dope discussion we’re having with Talk FURIE and SWOPcast along with the genral Wine Cellar content, I see room for fun. 

Thanks to you patreon subscribers and folks that hit up the paypal, venmo and cashapp, I don’t have to work any more grueling 12 hour shifts in the factory. I can do my 8 hours and run out of there.  With this increased time, I want to give it back to the Wine Cellar and let’s get some joy popular culture.  

An old facebook friend tagged me in a post that the Baby Sitters Club was getting rebooted up on the Netflix, so I’ll check it out and mix in reviews of episodes with news and comment.   

We’ll have the phone lines open at 347-857-3937 

As we get more support, we can expand and produce more diverse content and cover more stories and do more interviews. 
Thank you all for 8 years of making it PROBABLE.  

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