Talk FURIE – Crown The King – Audio Mix Down With Bumpers And Music.

Same episode as the facebook video but more condensed audio for a dynamic listening experience. 



Hey gang.
I find it amusing as all hell to see that Trumplestiltskin caught the virus.
Waaaaaay back in the old Wine Cellar days, I remember talking about how America pretends to be divorced from old Western European bullshit.  But we still have semblances of royalty throughout the social constructs of this profit driven continental plantation.

Clearly the Ownership class holds more social power than the political class mostly via sociopathy of the political class.
With Trump, you get this combination of the two.  Some rich, old New York socialite of whom also shit talked his way into the oval office.

What’s extra fun is this Corona virus is named as such because it looks like a crown.
And it looks like the man that represents America most accurately is fitting to where the crown while in office and it may just be the last thing he puts on before leaving.

This is Talk FURIE.
Let’s get into another episode to start October off.
We hope you dig it.

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