Talk FURIE – Thots On Academia With Chelsey Sprengeler

Hey gang.
This is an extended Talk FURIE with some regular Wine Cellar News preloaded on the front end.

This discussion touches on the role of the intellectual class (past and present), violence in academia and an emphasis on education.  

The next episodes of Talk FURIE will be 1. About Astroturfing the authenticity out of movements and 2. How William J Jackson would run a socialist factory.

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Goddess help me — I’m a T.A. for a class with students sending in assignments claiming nations like the US are both capitalist and socialist at the same time because of “mixed economies” (shared enterprise of private and public entities). Goes to show elite universities still have students with poor foundations.

Let me tell you one easy trick academia doesn’t want you to know: your IQ goes up 10 points once you make an automatic email signature listing your credentials.

.We’re gonna talk about the academy a lil bit on #TalkFURIE tomorrow. 11am CST, live onwinecellarmedia.com


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