Talk FURIE – Was It A Hot Summer

Hey gang.
Talk FURIE is back.
William J Jackson and Chelsey Sprengeler post up and go back over most of 2020 with a specific focus on the Summer as that was the last thing Chelsey said on our first episode together.

It was a constructive conversation and good way to carry Wine Cellar Media into the Fall and Winter.   

Moving forward, The Wine Cellar will be coming in the day time as I’ll be doing factory work in the evening and nights for now.

Thanks for holding it down for us.  

Phoenix and I live in the new place now and I’m basically going to be living in the Wine Cellar office.  

I have the podcasting gear set up and there’s still enough space that I can bring in a little futon or something and essentially be here or in the factory.  A Pod Scientist locked away in my lab, if you will. 

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