William’s Blog – 7/11/20 4:16am

 Unlocked7/11/20 William’s Creator Blog.

Hey gang.
We have a heavy content drop coming Sunday 7/12/20.

I have 4 hours of content between SWOPcast and Social Dissonance – Episode 1.

Peni Loco (the voice from the trigger warning) came on for the first time in 6 years.
There will be some editing for dead air moments and extended segment set ups but it’s still going to be a long episode.

I’ll be getting up early to View and considering Re-viewing this Hamilton program.  

From there, I’m at the desk most of the morning editing down the captured audio into episodes.  

At 3pm we’ll be doing TalkFURIE live at Central Standard Time.
Then we go into another Monday and another week of Wine Cellar Media.

Thanks to you patreon subscribers, this is a significant portion of our household income and it’s helping us move out of this place.  I went to the human resources department at the factory and put in my info for a transfer to a location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

When we go there to meet landlords and apply for a place, I can bring the laptop and we can still crank out some content.  

Thank you for checking out Wine Cellar Media.  
I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

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