Wine Cellar Podmask

Hey gang.
So we’re moving forward with our idea to get masks out to folks in need free of charge to the recipient.

We’re doing this from the Wine Cellar Media Fund.  This comes from our patreon and our PayPal.  We have comrades sending in prepped materials and masks to help.  We’re ordering masks from folks on Etsy.  We have an Amazon order that isn’t coming in fast enough which is why we went to creators.

Folks are helping out on paypal.me/PhoenixAndWilliam, Venmo and straight from here on patreon.  

We currently have 30 on hand and over 30 on order coming in staggered.  As long as folks request, we’ll order and keep materials on hand.  If you want to send materials or completed masks, we have a P.O. Box we’ll send you directly of which we’ll now be linking with new podcast episodes.  

So far, we’ve been sharing to a small circle of folks from a friends only facebook post and now we’re going public and emotionally and physically prepared for if we get overwhelmed.

Thank you to our folks already helping and thank you to folks that are coming along soon or have already been holding the Wine Cellar down and making this possible from the beginning.

We’re also posting receipts of shipping and inventory building transactions for pubic visibility.  Phoenix put the first round up on twitter and I’m adding the most recent transactions with this post.  

Thank you…. “Bigly”

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