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Flint water crisis settlement nearly underway

Protesters at Flint Water Plant oppose $641.2 million water crisis settlement

Flint Water Plant
Flint Water Plant

By ABC12 News StaffPublished: Jan. 11, 2021 at 12:40 PM EST|Updated: 44 minutes ago

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – Community activists, leaders and residents were at the Flint Water Plant on Monday protesting the proposed $641.2 million water crisis settlement.

They’re asking a federal judge to reject the offer, saying it’s unjust. During a press conference, the community asked U.S. District Judge Judith Levy to update the settlement to include access to bone lead testing, to raise the lead service line compensation for children and to raise the property damage maximum.

The group also is looking for a waiver for people to sue for any other future illness or injury.

A protest is scheduled for Thursday in front of the federal courthouse in Ann Arbor, where Levy will be deciding on the settlement. She indicated last month that she plans to rule on whether to approve the settlement proposal sometime in January.

The deal would end hundreds of civil lawsuits filed after the Flint water crisis. The proposed settlement fund currently includes $600 million from the state of Michigan, $20 million from the city of Flint’s insurance companies, $20 million from McLaren Flint Hospital and $1.2 million from Rowe Professional Services.

Litigation continues against the EPA and other contractors involved in Flint’s switch to drawing drinking water from the Flint River in April 2014. The corrosive water was not properly treated, allowing it to eat away the protective lining on lead water service lines and cause microscopic bits of lead to enter drinking water.

About 80% of the settlement fund currently is earmarked for young children who drank lead-tainted water in Flint. Adults, homeowners and businesses would receive lesser amounts from the fund.

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