Wine Cellar Raps

Megan Stallion – Body Freestyle (Bodied)

I need to see what’s poppin and crackin
Or what’s not finna happin, Now that your party is backin
Hardly an action
Will ever be taken and probably that’s when
You’ll have to head fake and step to me straight

But you’ll never be great
So The Second we shake the spot -like remover from the rest of your base
You’ll be best to speak in good faith because we’re out of patience for the presence of snakes
The’s the sound of me resting my case
Now – I’m a Wine Cellar Dwellar for the rest of my days.
And I don’t talk to Boogaloo Boys, we catching fade.
So before you get it poppin, baby check your brigade
Put it on they mind that death is just a second away
You can try to navigate it but the left is a maze
Being connected is cool but we set in our ways
So I’ll be book clubbin with Maddie Stump/ Sometimes it me stumped
But Binky Bear are checking every page

I’m a microphone-tagonist, Pro Anylist
Flow Savage with a dopeness that no avarage
Old Battlers or new amateurs Can do damage bruh
Because I exactly how to handle yuh
You ran on up and didn’t think about first
I have anxiety so trying me is bring out the worst
Organizing from a distance, I respect it in this instance
but proximity is needed, we should be about a turf.

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