SNL Throws Puts On A Gorilla Glue Minstrel Show

Hey gang. 
Saturday night live is not a program I’ve ever watched in my entire life excpet these short segments for show prep. 
I saw it when I was around 6 or so years old and I didn’t like it then and when I was a teenager, I would just check to see if they had a dope rapper performing at the end of an episode and get a tape ready to record the performance. 

So I’m already not a fan and of course, I think it would be responsible for the Wine Cellar to really go through this sketch piece by piece instead of just watching it and then talking about it 3 hours later.  I think it’s much more constructive to talk about what we are seeing and hearing while we are seeing and hearing it. 

I tangent into Willie D and his commentary on this story  and why I shouldn’t be surpirsed. 

Thanks for tuning in.

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