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Christine Davitt Of Teen Vogue set her account to private after old tweets using the N-word resurfaced

A senior Teen Vogue staffer who opposed Alexi McCammond’s hiring as editor-in-chief over troubling tweets as a teen had herself repeatedly dropped the N-word in online posts, according to a report.

Christine Davitt, a senior social media manager at the Condé Nast mag, had earlier this month made public a letter by staff complaining about McCammond’s hiring “in light of her past racist and homophobic tweets,” according to Fox News.

“So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues. The work continues…” Davitt wrote in the post on her social media that has all now been made private.

Just hours after McCammond announced her resignation — saying that her tweets as a 17-year-old college student “have overshadowed” her work since then — Davitt wrote on Twitter, “[Exhales the deepest sigh I’ve ever sighed],” Fox noted.

Yet Davitt — who calls herself a “queer fat filipinx femme in brooklyn” in her Instagram bio — still had up old posts of her own in which she repeatedly dropped the N-word, Fox said.

She at least twice referred to a friend — who appears to be white — as a “ni–a” in 2009, and the next year also used the word “ni–a” in a joke tweet, Fox said, of messages since made private.

Davitt is of mixed Irish and Filipino descent, her messages said.

Her own magazine had in Oct. 2019 published a story titled, “Stop Using the N-Word If You’re Not Black.”

“One thing that shouldn’t be up for dispute is who gets to use it. And if you ain’t Black, that ain’t you,” the article claimed.

McCammond had apologized and deleted her own offensive when they first came to light in 2019, and did so again amid complaints after she was announced for the top job she never got to start.

The offending tweets included one where she said she was Googling to find out how to avoid waking up with “Asian eyes,” and another where she complained about a “stupid Asian” teaching assistant. She also said she’d been “outdone” by an Asian.

Neither Davitt, McCammond nor Teen Vogue could be reached for comment, Fox said.

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