Kevin Samuels Tells His Audience A Black Woman Deserves Violence For Not Smiling On Demand


My word.


We’re talking about the Kevin Samuels Grift on the podcast and I figure I better mix it with the Facebook.

I wasn’t going to because I personally place little to no value on “dating” and whatever people are calling “relationships”.

Never have.

Never will.

I do place a high value on Misogynoirist/misogynistic propaganda that has proven to be very effective in an incredibly short amount of time.

The comparison I make is between him and a head like Kyle Kalinski.  Kyle started creating propaganda content professionally right around the first Obama run.  And it’s darn good stuff. Professional and well connected with his networks.

It’s 2021 and Kyle is just inching up to 1mil’ YouTube subscribers.

Just a few gray nose hairs ago, Kevin Samuels had a smaller online following that my outlet.

Then he has a video clip of him being rude to, insulting and degrading a ‘pretty, educated, well payed’ bl*ck woman and it goes viral.

Actual viral.

Not 900 shares on Facebook “viral”.

And in a few short months, he goes from being smaller than a little lefty podcast to flying right over the million subscriber mark.


Kevvy Kev is a grifter, a bad faith actor.

Bad faith to the point that you, yes you probably don’t even know what he actually is when he’s doing this particular job.

When he’s on his YouTube program, he is not an “image consultant”. He is not giving “relationship advice”.

He is a comedian.

And if you’re one of the people that disagrees with him, it’s very easy to miss that it’s a comedy show because YOU are not whom he is trying to make laugh.

His target audience is the wh*te man-o-sphere and their melanated, incel errand boys.

Comedy has jokes in it, right?

Jokes that have a set up, a middle and a punchline to my understanding.

The set up is that random women see Kevin and how he presents himself. He looks like a good faith actor and a got-it-together Brotha that didn’t let the man keep him down. Given the zip- suits he cosplays in, he looks like he IS “the man”.

The middle is Kevin’s seemingly slick way of delivering the SAME OLD talking points and having a close up shot of the woman’s face as she falls for the nonsense a gas lighting liar is saying.

Some of them are actually fighting back tears as he deliberately confuses these promising young women live on camera in front of thousands of men that only tuned in ONLY to see that ever since one of the clips went (actual) viral.

The punchline.

It works.

The women that video call into the live show actually fall for a bunch of bullshiggy that has been said before but not delivered in a tall, skinny, handsome, bl*ck packaging before.

Trust. I haven’t seen one cry on the show yet. But I’ve only viewed about 25 hours of his material before deciding to critique it. If one of the callers does cry on the show, I guaran-goddamn-tee you, it will be his most viewed clip in under 3 days.

Because that’s what his sadistic target audience wants. And because it’s propaganda, he’s also converting new young (and older) men to this audience to enjoy the show.

He Is Suited and Booted.

Educated and successful.

Keeps a nice haircut.

Clearly broadcasts from a nice setting.

(How could he possibly be a bad faith actor)

Ya see.

I’ve heard all of this sh*% Kevin is saying but it was coming from the mouths of men that look like Paul Elam and Vaush.


Google vaush.

Wait, no. Let’s establish a safe word before playing around like.

The man-o-sphere is the less electorally political and more socially focused side of the alt right.

And being right wing, it’s always going to be a very wh*te movement in search of bl*ck mascots to use as shields from critiques of being generally racist.

Some of you may remember me clowning this guy, Oshay Duke Jackson about 5 years ago.  He was their biggest negro errand boy back then and he did the same talking points Kevvy Kev does but he “ain’t go no alibi”.

He ugly

Hey, hey



He ain’t got no… aight.

And Oshay just couldn’t crack the big numbers because in propaganda/entertainment image matters like a futhermucker and Oshay is just not a good looking Brotha. He also doesn’t have the costumes or the snazzy background.

Kevin shows up looking like a cool preacher in a reefer dispensary.

And he uses what sounds like some easy to understand phrase of which is designed to be the nonsense it is but because a few centuries of capitalism and patriarchy in this hemisphere and we have a general population of men that you will find very easy to amuse and/or impress.

So now he has these fools running around taking about “high value men”.

Keep in mind. One of the points in his silly definition for that is that “other high value men recognize you and have you in their circles”.

This removes any statistical or numerical reasons for becoming this totally made up thing. It places it on the whims and emotions of some guys that may or may not exist.

*checks time*

A little more.

Yes. Guys that may or may not exist.

So he’s “image consultant”.  Aight.

Part of how he begins his (nearly scripted) gas lighting routine is telling the women that call in that in his line of work, his clients are high value men.

And they are complaining about not being able to find wives in this world of “modern women”.

Read “modern” as dared to develop self esteem and stack her own money.

So his job as a propagandist/comedian errand boy for the wh*te man-o-sphere is to get these women to realize that they are “acting too masculine”, “not smiling when told” and that these women should actually settle for men that make less money.

That last one is his fake populism and part of why I coined the term Incel-Spiration.

And yes.

“Smile when told”.

We already recorded our first episode and that was literally what the whole thing about.

The whole episode was him convincing her that she needs to smile when she’s told to or be subject to violence while she fights back tears live on camera.

And toward closing, I want to mention that the woman’s face is always pixelated because whomever handles Kevin’s video production unnecessarily and deliberately zooms on the woman to make her features distort and make her look ridiculous to the audience

Oh you think I’m exaggerating.

I’m about to upload our coverage of it and you can see for yourself.

More to come.

This is gonna be a thing.

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