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‘White’ sign “unintentionally” Placed On High School Drinking Fountain In Nation That Doesn’t Need CRT.

A photo of a sign labeled “White” was placed above a drinking fountain at a North Carolina high school, prompting outrage among parents and students. 

The photo, which was taken at Piedmont High School in Union County, was shared on Snapchat and made the rounds on social media. 

Piedmont principal Dylan Stamey sent a letter out to parents telling them that the school had investigated the matter and concluded that the sign’s placement was “not intentional.” 

“We are aware of a picture about our school that is circulating on social media,” Stamey said in a letter obtained by Fox News. “I want to be clear about the facts. During practice, a cheer sign was left just outside the gym on the floor and it was picked up and placed on a water fountain. We have investigated the matter and concluded that the placement was not intentional.” 

Stamey said the school apologizes if anyone was offended. Still, the school has received a flood of angry phone calls from parents, according to WSOC-TV

“My brother has told me that they are getting calls from parents already that are angry about what’s going on,” a former student told the outlet. 

“I can only imagine how many people saw it because all of these kids are so interconnected on social media, especially on Snapchat in that age group, so everybody in the school knows about what’s going on,” said another former student. 

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