Free Speech Absolutists Unsurprisingly Silent On White Supremacist Book Ban

Many Katy 3rd-5th graders were looking forward to meeting with author and illustrator Jerry Craft via Zoom. That meeting was canceled after a group of Katy parents raised concerns over the books referencing critical race theory.

Craft is the winner of the 2020 Newberry Medal, the Coretta Scott King Author Award, and the Kirkus Prize for his graphic novel, “New Kid” and its sequel “Class Act.”

Katy mom Bonnie Anderson received the flyer from her twin third grader’s school, like many Katy parents did.

“I review all of their instructional material whether it’s a math worksheet or something like this,” says Bonnie Anderson, who previously ran for a Katy ISD Board of Trustee position.

Anderson read Jerry Craft’s books and grew concerned over how racism was presented in them and believes they push a critical race theory curriculum.

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