Tariq Nasheed Promotes Black Empowerment While Reviewing ‘Harlem’.

Hey, gang.
‘Harlem’ is a new show streaming on the Amazon Primes.
It doesn’t really look like something we’d be interested in but it seems to be making the rounds with Black Empowerment circles online.  

Tariq Nasheed took a look at this show and from his thorough and meticulous exploration of the characters, writers and episodes, he has concluded that this show will not Empower Black people.

He tells us why in an episode of “Tariq Elite Radio” titled “Gentrifying A Culture”.  
We’re going to learn about the nefarious LGBT plots to make hetero Black men expose their “Boochie Cat”.  We’ll be educated on the “Agenda” to make Fine Sistas into “Husky Studs”.  

This is coming together as a 2 part episode for the Wine Cellar with Phoenix Calida briefly appearing on episode 2.  (coming up next).  

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