Lance Took Time To Serf On The Monetized Tears Of Lindsay Ellis

Lance has Nostalgia for a time when you weren’t allowed to speak ill of a White Chick.

He smugly grins through a disingenuous video where his ultimate point is that you uppity coloreds need quit worrying about micro-aggressions and leave the precious white flower alone.

Ya see… Lindsay Ellis is following the hot new White Supremacist business model of decrying that one is being cAnCEleD to increase revenue an decrease effort. Now, her clients are no longer her clients for mediocre film reviews but instead to protect her savage beastly twitter fingers of critical word typers of whom (as Lance would tell you) could be doing something else with their time.

It really is a thing of wonder that she can claim she’s quitting and call that “getting canceled”. z

And of course, soaking a hot tub of White Woman Tears just isn’t right if you don’t have some folks that are non-white getting involved. Every Mike Bloomberg deserves a Stacy Abrams in their corner.

Phoenix Calida is in studio with me as we have a grand old time analyzing how the White Left moves and functions unwittingly at the behest and traditions of White Supremacy. Here are a couple of fun screen shots and our episode.






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