This website exists because subscribers and supporters of our content have decided that they want their news and comment from a self produced independent source.

You can read about it and join here. Wine Cellar Patreon

It all started in 2012 as a Black Atheist podcast.

News and discussion of politics, policy and corporatism were always there.
It was with the Patriarchal Bargain episode that the program included more Social Justice in a proud Warrior way.

Through social media and other podcasters, the Wine Cellar spread beyond small Black Atheist spaces and thanks to Patreon Subscribers and Paypal Supporters, we have purchased our own dot-com.

Now we no longer have to worry about social media sites flippantly deleting our content and banning us.

And we’re going to use the FUCK out of it.

Thank you for helping us do this.

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