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Babysitter Accused of Killing Infant, Trying To Hide The Death From The Mother

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin baby sitter who allegedly killed a 2-month-old boy then pretended he was alive when she gave the boy back to his mother has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

A criminal complaint filed Friday says 28-year-old Marissa Tietsort of Wausau caused the infant’s death in October, then put him in a snowsuit and car seat and returned him to his mother — without telling her the child was dead.

Authorities found the mother trying to revive the boy, but he had died hours earlier of blunt force head injuries from multiple impacts to the head.

During a court appearance Friday, Judge Jill Falstad issued a $500,000 cash bond for Tietsort and ordered that she have no contact with children or with the victim’s family, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Tietsort, who is pregnant with her sixth child, also faces child abuse charges involving an 11-month-old girl in her care. That charge stems from an August incident. Tietsort was arrested in that case after the 2-month-old died in October.

According to the criminal complaint, the mother of the 2-month-old boy dropped him and his older brother off at Tietsort’s home on Oct. 18.

About two hours later, the baby’s mom got a text from Tietsort letting her know that there was a story about herself on a local news outlet’s website saying she had been charged with child abuse. Tietsort told the mother she was not allowed to be in contact with children and not to tell anyone she was watching her two sons. The mother came and picked up her sons about three hours later, according to the complaint.

When the victim’s mother came to pick up her infant and older son, the infant was seated in his car seat, wearing a snow suit with a hat pulled down over his eyes. The mother told police she believed her son was sleeping, as it was past 9 p.m., according to the complaint.

The boy’s mother later realized her son was not breathing, cold and stiff. Officers arrived to find the boy had “ashen skin tone, his jaw was clenched and his lips were blue.”

Tietsort told police she didn’t kill the baby, but knew he was dead, the complaint said. When her boyfriend got home that evening, they went to McDonald’s and she brought the dead baby with them, according to the complaint.

After she gave the boy back to his mother, Tietsort, her boyfriend and their son went swimming at a local hotel, the complaint said.

Woman Arrested After Lying About Being Attacked In Walmart Parking Lot

A woman who claimed that a black man attacked her in a Walmart parking lot, even posting photos of her injuries and inciting public sympathy, lied about everything, say police.

On Tuesday, the Columbia Police Department in South Carolina announced that in December, 26-year-old Kristen Michelle Rimes of Irmo was charged with filing a false police report and false swearing (to police) after she reported a fake crime. She was taken to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia. The police department did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

Rimes told police that on Nov. 26, she was assaulted by a black man in a Walmart parking lot. In an interview with Cola Daily, Rimes described sitting in her parked car, typing a friend’s address into her GPS system, when a black man came over and said, “Hey, girl.”
“I didn’t see anybody, just heard a voice. I said I wasn’t interested and I just rolled my window up,” Rimes, a mother-of-two, told Cola Daily. “I had put my car in park, and I didn’t think about how my doors unlock automatically when I do that.” Then she said the man pulled her out of the car. “I felt a hit to the right side of my face almost immediately after that.”


“He started tugging on my pants,” she said. “Then I suddenly hear another guy scream, ‘What’s going on over there?’ And at that point, the guy took off. The man who yelled never came back. I just take it as an angel sent from God right at that time.”

“I wanted to get home and get out of there,” she told Cola Daily. “I went first thing Monday morning to file the police report to pull camera footage, which I am so mad at myself for not calling them that night. I think I was in such shock.”

However, Rimes had enough clarity to describe the suspect: “He was a black male, medium build, wearing a hoodie with a jacket over it.”

“You always hear that people’s reactions are fight or flight, and mine was just to kind of run out of there,” she reflected to Cola Daily. “The world’s not as kind as it should be, and sometimes we have to look out for each other.”

Rimes recalled the brave man who supposedly helped her. “I would love to know who he is. He definitely is an angel,” she told Cola Daily. “I hold a big place in my heart for whoever he is. He allowed me to get back to my kids, and I’m very grateful.”

Rimes’s colleague posted images of her facial injuries in a Facebook group called “Citizens of The Town of Irmo, SC,” writing, “My co-worker! Bless her she’s been through a lot…so glad she’s okay! Everyone be on the lookout and please travel in pairs. I even call my fiance when I have to walk to my car from work just to be sure someone knows what’s happening.”

After Rimes’s arrest, the poster wrote, “Edit, yes I know she’s been taken into custody for false police report. Very upset.” According to the State, Rimes’s photos were passed around in multiple Facebook groups.

The police press release said that Rimes herself posted about the alleged attack on social media, causing “public concern.” However, it said investigations determined she was not at the Walmart location on the night of the reported attack.

Rimes’s Facebook post has since been deleted.

Air force Base Employee Stole Overtime Pay for 17 Years

A former employee at Langley Air Force Base admitted Wednesday that she conned the federal government out of $1.46 million — mainly by faking the amount of overtime she worked over 17 years.

Michelle M. Holt, 52, was a civilian secretary at the base, where she worked in the communications support squadron of Air Combat Command.

She pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Newport News to felony charges that she undertook a long-running effort to boost her own pay.

According to court documents Michelle M. Holt, 52, was previously employed as a federal employee for the Department of Defense. Holt worked as a secretary for U.S. Air Force at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. In that capacity, Holt was a salaried employee on the General Schedule (GS) grade for the federal civilian workforce and was entitled to overtime pay if authorized by her employer, and also to other forms of holiday and annual leave, as well as premium pay for any federal holidays worked.

A law enforcement investigation determined that from December 2001 to July 2018, Holt falsely claimed over 42,000 hours in unauthorized overtime that she did not work, as well as other amounts of unauthorized holiday leave, sick leave and annual leave, all amounting to losses to the United States of $1,460.262.43. In recent years, Holt’s overtime pay was over double that of her regular salary.  She accomplished the fraud by making manual retroactive adjustments to protected computer time and attendance systems to add overtime, reverse leave taken and reverse holiday leave.

It began in late 2001, when Holt used a co-worker’s log-in information — without that co-worker’s knowledge — to get into a Department of Defense computerized pay database. She retroactively added 15 hours of overtime to her paycheck.

As time went on, Holt’s retroactive additions to her overtime “became a regular occurrence,” the statement said. She began to get bolder, particularly after 2008 — when her overtime pay began to double her regular salary.

In 2017, for example, Holt’s salary was $51,324. But she took home $119,585 in overtime pay.

In one two-week period, the statement said, she billed the Air Force for 137 overtime hours that she didn’t work.

But things began to unravel in June, when the Department of Defense’s Inspector General’s Office found discrepancies between Holt’s pay and attendance records.

She appeared to get wind that an investigation was afoot. Holt wrote to a co-worker on June 18: “Please keep this between us, have you all had (the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations) come over here about anything?”

She first told investigators she took extra overtime for only a few months. But an investigator then showed Holt a spreadsheet of her overtime going back 10 years. “I’m in trouble,” she said, according to the statement of facts. “It was wrong.”

In Wednesday’s plea agreement, Holt admitted to both charges she faced — computer fraud and theft of government property. When she is sentenced March 13 by U.S. District Judge Raymond Jackson, she faces up to 15 years in prison, plus fines and forfeitures.

In the plea agreement, prosecutors promised to ask Jackson to give Holt credit for cooperating with them.

“The defendant has assisted the government in the investigation … by timely notifying authorities of (her) intention to enter a plea of guilty, thereby permitting the government to avoid preparing for trial,” the plea agreement said.

“She was a long-term employee at Langley, and she took her job very seriously,” said her lawyer, William Johnson. “She loved what she did … and she’s very emotional about it.”

“New employees would come to her” for advice on getting acclimated to the Air Force and how things worked at the base, said Holt’s other attorney, Amy Van Fossen.

Holt spent the money on “life and paying daily bills” rather than on spending on luxury items, Johnson said. “There were no exorbitant expenses,” he said.

Holt will be sentenced on March 13.


Woman Tries to Rescue Live Tilapia, Now She May Face Charges

A woman could face charges after she was found Monday releasing live tilapia into Lake Chabot in an attempt to rescue them from a local market, according to the East Bay Regional Park District.

A police sergeant with the park district responded at 1:08 p.m. Monday to the Lake Chabot Marina in Castro Valley after someone reported that a woman had released tilapia into the lake.

The sergeant found the woman and learned she had released nine tilapia, a non-native and invasive fish, into the lake over the course of two weeks, park district officials said.

“They’ll out-compete native species and resident species, eating their food and in certain cases, they’ll actually actively predate on the resident fish,” biologist Joe Sullivan said. “They’re just really good at taking over.”

Lake Chabot is a popular fishing location in the area, full of large bass, catfish, and trout. “I think she really thought she was doing a good thing by saving the fish,” said park visitor Maureen Shapiro. “But I think it is a little bit odd.”

Hopefully, the tilapia will not survive the cold winter in Lake Chabot. But if they do, their damage to the lake won’t become clear for years to come.

According to the district, the woman “felt she was rescuing the live fish from the market and making it possible for the fish to live.”

Releasing live fish into East Bay Regional Park District lakes is a misdemeanor offense. A police report about the case will be forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to charge the woman, whose name was not immediately released.

Woman Lied About Her Son Being Abducted in Car Jacking so Police Would Find Her Car Faster

Hollywood City, FL- A woman who told police that her 3-year-old child was inside her car when it was stolen from a Miami-Dade gas station Sunday has been charged with filing a false police report.

Antoinette Rowan, 37, was arrested Monday night after admitting that there wasn’t a child inside her 2014 Hyundai Accent after a man drove off in the car in the Goulds community, according to Miami Dade Police.

As police searched for the toddler, detectives learned that the boy was safe at home.

Rowan told police that she reported the child missing “in hopes that police would locate her vehicle faster,’’ detective Alavaro Zabaleta said.

The call originally came in as a child abduction” Zabaleta told WPLG-Ch. 10. “A car was taken with a 3-year-old child inside, and that’s something we cannot take lightly,” he said.

Rowan had originally told police that she made arrangements for the man, later identified as 32-year-old Antonio Monzon, to conduct some kind of “transaction” on Sunday night. However, Rowan told authorities Monzon took the car with the boy still in the back seat.

Rowan said she picked Monzon up at his home and stopped at a Walmart in Cutler Bay, and then the two eventually pulled up to the gas station at Southwest 220th Street and 112th Avenue.

When Rowan stepped inside, Monzon allegedly hopped in the driver’s seat and sped off. Video from the gas station’s security cameras shows Rowan running after the car as Monzon left.

Police are still searching for Monzon. He faces a charge of grand theft auto.

Rowan was jailed and later released after posting a bond of $500.

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We didn’t focus so hard on any particular story or topic to make it the core of the show. So we’re titling this one as a good introductory episode to our program in general.

Florida Woman Steals Live Lobster From Restaurant

A Florida woman found herself in hot water after allegedly stealing a live lobster from a Red Lobster restaurant, and later blaming the theft on being “blacked out drunk”.

According to the arrest affidavit, Kimberly Gabel, 42, allegedly snatched a live lobster straight out of the tank at a St. Petersburg Red Lobster, because she wanted to return the crustacean to the sea.

The affidavit, obtained by the Smoking Gun, says that Gabel was “causing a scene” at the eatery, and the manager asked her to leave “for disturbing other customers.” According to the affidavit, the woman reached into the tank, pulled out a live lobster, and ran out of the restaurant.

Law enforcement officials responded to the scene and a sheriff’s deputy apprehended Gabel, who was “slurring her words” and smelled like booze. Gabel however loudly insisted that she “did not care because she did not do anything wrong.”

Upon her arrest, the woman continued cursing, stating that she “did not know what she did with the lobster” because she was “blacked out drunk,”. Gabel was then booked into the county jail for disorderly intoxication and was released on $100 bond.

The lobster is still missing.

Florida Women Steal Service Dog

Police have identified and arrested two Florida women accused of stealing a service dog from a Vietnam veteran last month.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Oct. 28 that a Pomeranian service dog had disappeared without a trace. Its owner:  a 67-year-old Vietnam veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner, 67-year-old Joseph Hanson, died the day after his dog was taken.

Surveillance video shows one woman starting an altercation with the victim, while the other comes from behind, unleashes the dog, named Kira, and walks off with her, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Jennifer Gotschall, 53, and Monique Cosser, 51, were identified Wednesday after a tip to police from a “concerned citizen” led them to the pair. The Pomeranian, named Kira, was found on Monday and was recovered “in good health,” police say.

“It’s sad and we wanted to return his dog to his as soon as possible so he could be reunited with his family member and unfortunately that didn’t happen,” Maj. Jacob Ruiz of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies have not provided details on where the dog was found.

Gotschall and Cosser have been charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years’ incarceration. Officials said they are thought to have been released on bond.

Phoenix Calida – Racist White Women Voted In Their Best Interest



Once again democrats are shocked that white women overwhelmingly voted to support conservatives in the last election.

Democrats are shocked, and don’t understand why white women are voting against their best interests.  But what if white women are voting in their best interests because their interest is white supremacy?

Facebook allowed advertisers to target for White Genocide

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Florida is going to let felons vote. JB Pritzker snagged up Illinois and Facebook let advertisers aim for that White Genocide click.

Facebook allowed advertisers to target for White Genocide