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Trans Model Chased During Transphobic Attack

Trans model Tia Latham, best known for appearing on ITV2 reality show Survival of the Fittest, was allegedly subjected to transphobic slurs by a group of men, who chased her and then vandalized her car.

Latham, 29, had returned from a gas station with her friend Charley Grabczak, where they bought wine and snacks for a film night at Grabczak’s flat in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, on the night of January 17.

CCTV footage sent to PinkNews shows Latham getting out of her BMW with her friend and walking towards Grabczak’s apartment building, when two men run towards them.

Both Latham and Grabczak, 20, were able to get inside before the men reached them.

However, after not being able to reach Latham, the men then started to damage Latham’s car, with one of them using a metal pole that he had been carrying and the other kicking the left wing mirror until it partially broke off.

Grabczak, who is gay, told PinkNews that he heard the men shouting “tr*nny and gay boy” at him and Latham as they ran inside the building.

Latham said “This is 2019, this doesn’t make sense whatsoever, it’s disgusting.”

She added: “ If we hadn’t got inside when we did we would have got hit by that metal pole.I want to bring awareness to [incidents] like this. This is going on all around the world. We shouldn’t have to put up with this.”

1/14/17 Full Episode – Trans Woman Attacked And Sandy Hook/Alex Jones Update–trans-woman-attacked-and-sandy-hookalex-jones-update


Food inspections by the FDA have been sharply reduced, alarming criticsImage result for capitalism meme

The furloughing of hundreds of Food and Drug Administration inspectors has sharply reduced inspections of the nation’s food supply — one of the many repercussions of the partial government shutdown that are making Americans potentially less safe.

The agency, which oversees 80 percent of the food supply, has suspended all routine inspections of domestic food-processing facilities, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in an interview. He is working on a plan to bring inspectors back as early as next week to inspect facilities considered high-risk because they handle sensitive items such as seafood, soft cheese and vegetables, or have a history of problems.

Teen charged with murder of transgender woman

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) – A 17-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting a transgender woman last year in a secluded area on the South Side was ordered held without bail Sunday.

Tremon T. Hill was charged with first-degree murder in the Aug. 13 slaying of Dejanay Stanton, a 24-year-old trans woman he was in a sexual relationship with, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Britt Steinberg said at a bail hearing in the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

Stanton received a text from Hill the morning of her killing asking her to meet him in a lot in the 4000 block of South Calumet Avenue in Bronzeville, Steinberg said.

Passenger carries firearm through TSA screening at Atlanta onto Delta flight

(CNN)A traveler carrying a firearm boarded a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and flew to Tokyo Narita International Airport on January 3, according to a statement from the Transportation Security Administration.

“TSA has determined standard procedures were not followed and a passenger did in fact pass through a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on the morning of January 3,” the release states.
The passenger had forgotten the firearm was in their carry-on luggage, the TSA said. The incident was not part of a test.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is going to Canada for surgeryImage result for Sex Workers

Developer Jim Skaggs ‘couldn’t believe’ when he heard that a neighbor allegedly assaulted U.S. Senator Rand Paul outside his home in Bowling Green. Matt Stone/Louisville Courier Journal

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, one of the fiercest political critics of socialized medicine, will travel to Canada later this month to get hernia surgery.

Paul, an ophthalmologist, said the operation is related to an injury in 2017 when his neighbor, Rene Boucher, attacked him while Paul was mowing his lawn. The incident left Kentucky’s junior senator with six broken ribs and a bruised lung.

He is scheduled to have the outpatient operation at the privately adminstered Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario during the week of Jan. 21, according to documents from Paul’s civil lawsuit against Boucher filed in Warren Circuit Court.

Fortnite Creator is Buying Entire Forests to Prevent Them From Being Chopped DownImage result for alex jones meme

Fortnite is one of the biggest games of this decade, and it rose to prominence in a very seemingly organic way. Tim Sweeney, the game’s creator has been at work for decades in fact, developing different, intricate and interactive realms in the digital world for players.




Second Black Man Found Dead In Democratic Donor Ed Buck’s Home

A man died early Monday at the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, his attorney confirmed. The victim hasn’t been idenftied yet, but according to Wehoville, the man was identified as African-American.

Attorney Seymour Amster said the unidentified victim was a “longtime friend” of Buck and said the two had known each other for 25 years. Amster said the victim “reached out for [Buck’s] help” Sunday night and began acting “in a bizarre way” after he arrived at Buck’s apartment.

“From what I know, it was an old friend who died of an accidental overdose, and, unfortunately, we believe that the substance was ingested at some place other than the apartment,”said Amster, who added that police had released the scene and Buck was not under arrest.

Buck, a well-known figure in Democratic political circles, has given more than $500,000 to a range of Democratic groups and candidates — including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

In July of last year, prosecutors declined to file charges against Buck in the death of Gemmel Moore, a black male escort whose body was found in Buck’s apartment. According to a coroner’s report, Buck’s apartment was full of drug paraphernalia, including 24 syringes containing brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag containing a piece of crystal-like substance.

Moore’s death initially was ruled an accidental methamphetamine overdose, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office re-opened the investigation after writings in Moore’s journal implicated Buck in his drug use.

In a December 2016 entry, Moore wrote: “I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth it was very painful, but after all the troubles, I became addicted…”

“If it didn’t hurt so bad, I’d kill myself, but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now,” wrote Moore’s final entry, dated Dec. 3, 2016.

Community activists like Jasmyne Cannick have accused Los Angeles officials of declining to prosecute Buck in 2017 thanks to his contributions to powerful politicians such as Hillary Clinton, California Gov. Jerry Brown, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, and numerous West Hollywood City Council members. Cannick is organizing a vigil and rally for tonight in front of Buck’s home, at 1234 Laurel Ave.

“This was an accidental overdose that Ed Buck had nothing to do with and it’s a tragedy,” Amster said after prosecutors declined to file charges. However, when Moore’s death was classified as an accidental overdose, numerous young black gay men have alleged that Buck has a fetish for shooting drugs into black men he picks up off the street or on hookup sites.

School Official Bullied Trans Student, Demanded Student Urinate in Front of Him

Clarksburg, WV- A transgender boy in West Virginia says that he was bullied by a school official in a bathroom. Michael Critchfield, 15, said that he just wanted to use the bathroom at Liberty High School, before getting on the bus for a band trip. He went to the boys room and made sure no one was in it – something he has been in the habit of doing to avoid conflict.

What should have been a simple trip to the bathroom suddenly turned into a humiliating ordeal last month when Critchfield’s assistant principal allegedly burst in and began to berate and bully the student over his gender identity.

“I saw he was blocking the entrance to the bathroom. He kept raising his voice and saying, ‘Why are you in this bathroom? You shouldn’t be here.’” Critchfield recalled.

Assistant Principal Lee Livengood allegedly told Critchfield to “come out here and use the urinal” to prove that he belongs in the boys room. Michael then explained he was assigned female at birth but identified as a male.

“If you can’t use this urinal, then you shouldn’t be in here,” Critchfield told the Huffington Post Livengood shouted. “What if a student said you were checking them out in here?”

The confrontation lasted three or four minutes, and other students down the hall could hear what was happening. A parent chaperone intervened, and Livengood said it was a “misunderstanding”, but continued to misgender Critchfield.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything,” Livengood allegedly said. “I’m not going to lie, you freak me out.”

“I was like breaking down crying from all the stress,” Critchfield said. “I was very anxious and frustrated. He wouldn’t let me talk. It was very traumatizing.”

After the trip, when his mother Caroline came to pick him up, Critchfield and several witnesses filled her in on what happened.

“It’s heartbreaking,” she said. “How could someone who’s supposed to be in an administrative position do something like this? It made me sick to my stomach.”

Harrison County Schools has not responded to the letter, but district officials apologized to the family and promised that there would be an investigation. That was the last they heard from the school district, two months ago.

“I just want to feel safe and welcome in my school,” Critchfield said.

Pastor Charged in Murder of Transgender Woman

Detroit, MI- A pastor has been accused of murdering a transgender woman who was found dead in Detroit last week.
 A police officer discovered the body of 36-year-old Kelly Stough on Friday, the Detroit News reports.
The Wayne County prosecutor’s office charged Albert Weathers, 46, with the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and open murder, a designation that allows the prosecutors to decide on a degree of murder or manslaughter as more information about the case becomes available. Prosecutors said they will bring evidence that the fact that Stough was transgender was a factor in her murder. Authorities have said the woman’s gender identity played a role in her death but declined to elaborate until a court hearing.
According to a local news station, Weathers allegedly fled the scene and clocked in at his job at the Great Lakes Water Authority. Then, authorities believe, he called police an hour after the shooting to say that someone had tried to rob him and he’d shot someone.
However, after an investigation, authorities arrested Weathers, who also pastors the Logos Baptist Church in Detroit where he reportedly has been a member for 20 years.
Stough, who also went by the name Keanna Mattel, was at least the 26th trans person murdered in the United States in 2018, according to a running tally kept by the Human Rights Watch.
“I want people to know that because she was transgender doesn’t mean that she was not loved, that she was not cared for,” Jessica Chantae Stough, Kelly’s mother. “She has a family who cared about her, who loved her and I want them to know that transgender ladies — expressly those of color — they’re just not throwaways; people care about them.”
Stough was an aspiring fashion designer and well-known in Detroit’s ballroom dance scene. She was also an outspoken advocate for her community, speaking out against the violence facing trans people, and especially trans women of color. “The police are unaware with our struggle so they have no sympathy for us,” she told the Guardian in 2015 after the murder of 20-year-old trans woman Amber Monroe in Palmer Park — the same neighborhood where Stough was killed three years later.

Trump Administration Stops Researchers From Acquiring Fetal Tissue; Stalls AIDS Research

According to Science Mag, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has ordered scientists employed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to stop acquiring new human fetal tissue for experiments. ScienceInsider has learned.that the suspension, imposed this past September without a public announcement, came as the government launched a review of all fetal tissue research funded by the federal government.

The pause affects two laboratories run by the Bethesda, Maryland–based agency, NIH officials say. In one case, it disrupted a study probing how the virus that causes AIDS initially colonizes human tissues.

“We were all poised to go and then the bombshell was dropped,” says HIV researcher Warner Greene, director of the Gladstone Center for HIV Cure Research in San Francisco, California, who was collaborating with an NIH laboratory that received the order. “The decision completely knocked our collaboration off the rails. We were devastated.”

“This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV,” he wrote.

The order expands the scope of the Trump administration’s interventions into federally funded research that uses human fetal tissue from elective abortions, which is legal but fiercely opposed by antiabortion groups. In September, it canceled a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contract for acquiring human fetal tissue for testing candidate drugs. This week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which oversees NIH, told researchers at the University of California (UC), San Francisco, that it would be extending a contract for work involving human fetal tissue for just 90 days instead of the usual 1 year, prompting media reports that the department was preparing to cancel the contract. HHS denied those reports, saying it has made no decisions regarding federal funding for human fetal tissue research pending the outcome of the ongoing review of all such work.

Woman Accused of Being Transgender, Left in Male Jail Cell

TAMPA, FL – A woman is suing employees of a Florida jail after they allegedly forced her to spend several hours in a cell surrounded by dozens of men, because they suspected she was transgender.

The Miami Herald reports 55-year-old Fior Pichardo de Veloz had come to Miami from the Dominican Republic to witness the birth of her grandchild in 2013, when she was arrested at the airport on an outstanding drug charge. Her arrest report listed her as female and Pichardo de Veloz was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and processed as a woman. She was even strip searched.

Due to her history of high blood pressure, Pichardo de Veloz was examined by a nurse as a precaution. The nurse saw she had been taking hormone pills and questioned her about her gender. Pichardo de Veloz explained she was taking hormone pills to help menopause symptoms, but despite Pichardo de Veloz’s denial of being a man, the nurse. Fatu Kamara Harris, added a note to her file that read: “Transgender, male parts, female tendencies.”

The nurse notified a doctor, Dr. Fredesvindo Rodriguez-Garcia, who reclassified Pichardo de Veloz as male without an examination, according to an appeals court opinion.

Pichardo insisted to an officer she was a woman. “You are a woman. Good luck if you’re alive tomorrow,” the officer replied.

Pichardo was transferred to the Metro West Detention Center, an all-male jail, and shared a cell with about 40 men, who jeered at her yelling “Mami! Mami!”, according to the newspaper. She was there for 10 hours and said she was terrified to go to the bathroom and “urinated on herself instead.”

Jail workers eventually realized their mistake once family members went to the facility where she was originally processed and asked why she was moved.

Pichardo de Veloz was removed from her holding cell and given a new examination. During that exam, she recalled several male officers laughed at her during the examination. She also remembered someone took a photo of her while she was undressed.

Pichardo de Veloz sued the county and jail staff for negligence and “cruel and unusual punishment,” but the case was thrown out by a judge who said the jail staffers were protected from a trial for negligence.

In November, the newspaper reports an appeals court ruled the conduct of the nurse and doctor amounts to “deliberate indifference.”

“Every reasonable prison officer and medical personnel would have known that wrongfully misclassifying a biological female as a male inmate and placing that female in the male population of a detention facility was unlawful,” Judge Frank Hull wrote in an unanimous opinion.

Autopsy Shows Trans Woman in ICE Custody Beaten Shortly Before Death

An autopsy released Monday suggests that a transgender woman who died in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody after being held in a privately operated detention center was likely physically abused shortly before her death.

Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez, 33, from Honduras, Hernández Rodriguez was detained by immigration authorities at the border in early May and died on the 25th of that month, just nine days after being transferred to dedicated unit for transgender women at the Cibola County Correctional Center in New Mexico, which is operated under contract by CoreCivic, the second-largest private prison company in the United States.

“There she developed severe diarrhea and vomiting over the course of several days,” wrote forensic pathologist Kris Sperry, “and finally was emergently hospitalized, then transported to Lovelace Medical Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she remained critically ill until her death.”

“According to observations of other detainees who were with Ms. Hernández Rodriguez, the diarrhea and vomiting episodes persisted over multiple days with no medical evaluation or treatment, until she was gravely ill,” Sperry wrote.

Early reports suggested Hernández Rodriguez died due to complications from pneumonia that were exacerbated by the freezing cold conditions of the detention center. She also reportedly lacked adequate food and medical care and was held in a cell where the lights were turned on 24 hours a day. ICE initially claimed her death was the result of cardiac arrest and HIV complications.

The autopsy concluded that Hernández Rodriguez’s cause of death was most likely “severe complications of dehydration superimposed upon HIV infection,” which made her susceptible to the physiologic effects of untreated dehydration.

Hernández Rodriguez told BuzzFeed News she contracted HIV after being raped by members of the MS-13 gang.She added that violence against the transgender community in Honduras was part of the reason she fled to the United States. Hernández Rodriguez told BuzzFeed, “Trans people are chopped up and put into bags in Honduras. I am scared of that”

Sperry’s autopsy, the second conducted on Hernández Rodriguez’s body following her death, also found evidence of physical abuse, with “deep bruising” on her hands and abdomen, evidence of blunt-force trauma “indicative of blows, and/or kicks, and possible strikes with blunt object.” An accompanying diagram illustrated long, thin bruises along Hernández Rodriguez’s back and sides, as well as extensive hemorrhaging on Hernández Rodriguez’s right and left wrists, which Dr. Sperry found were “typical of handcuff injuries.”

In a statement to The Daily Beast, CoreCivic said “we take the health and well-being of those entrusted to our care very seriously,” while adding that they are “committed to providing a safe environment for transgender detainees.”

Russian Activists at LGTBQIA Conference Attacked With Acid-Like Substance

Moscow- The fifth annual LGBTQIAPP+ Family Conference was set to take place on November 9th, but was cancelled early due to volunteers being attacked for the second year in a row.

Conference organizers initially managed to secure a location for the event for free, but funding issues forced organizers to raise money via crowdfunding to hire security for the venue. Unfortunately, the added safety measures weren’t enough to keep participants and volunteers at the event safe.

The LGBTQIAPP+ Family Conference aims to bring together activists, psychologists, therapists, educators and health professionals who would not otherwise have the possibility to receive information as to how to best support the LGBTQIA community.

Same-sex parenting is not explicitly banned in Russia, but LGTBQIA parents face threats under a 2013 law banning the spread of “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations” to minors. If they look for support on parenting or in their relationship, they have “nowhere to turn,” the organizers said when explaining the importance of the conference.

“We managed to provide video seminars on Saturday [November 10] and tried to provide workshops on Sunday. But unfortunately the address got out again and we received direct threats regarding further attacks. Thus we decided to cancel the afternoon sessions for the security of our participants and volunteers,” Nadeshda Aronchik, a co-organizer of the conference says.

“It was devastating that the work of six months just vanished,” she continued. “But I decided not to give up and we are already planning to make one day of the conference take place in December.”

On the morning the conference was to start, November 9, the conference venue address, which had been kept confidential for security reasons, was leaked on VK ( VKontakte, a Russian social media platform) and was rapidly picked up by a number of homophobic groups. Yulia Malygina, director of Resource LGBTQIA Moscow, attempted to file an online complaint with the police, but due to a technical glitch was not able to finalize it.

Around lunchtime, the site started receiving calls and online messages to cancel the conference. When the organizers and volunteers arrived at 3 p.m., management told them it had decided not to host the conference so as to not jeopardize the security of other events taking place there. “It was clear how difficult this decision was for the management,” Malygina said.

Resource LGBTQIA Moscow notified participants about the cancellation, but volunteers remained at the site. At 7 p.m., a group of five or six volunteers left for a shop across the street. Aronchik said at this point, one person ran towards the volunteers and sprayed them with an “acid substance.” The substance hit two people in the eyes, but also affected other people in the group who were also sprayed.

The two volunteers that were injured received hospital treatment and are in stable condition. They are being kept under constant monitoring as the substance may lead to longterm consequences. Malygina said that people at the site told her they had seen the assailant there earlier that day, asking questions about the conference and waiting outside the building.

While the substance is yet to be identified by police, Aronchik told Pink News she was  sure it was not pepper-spray, as it has been reported elsewhere.

“They were sprayed with the same acid substance as me and my colleagues last year,” she says. Last year, a group of four men attacked conference guests, organizers and volunteers with an unknown substance, forcing the conference’s third day to be cancelled.

Aronchik believes the person responsible for this year’s attack is related to the far-right group who orchestrated the one last year. Her suspicion is reinforced by messages the conference organisers received after the November 9 attack.

“After the attack, the organisers received threats through calls and SMS saying they should ‘die’ and ‘burn in hell’ and saying, ‘How did you like our present? Last year was only the beginning,’” Aronchik says, adding that they reported the threats to the police.

Immediately after the attack, Malygina called the police, who arrived 40 minutes later. But when they learned who had called them, the police refused to provide any assistance, stating “it wasn’t their territory” and left. They suggested calling another police precinct responsible for that site. Those police arrived two-and-a-half hours later. Aronchik describes the police’s attitude to the LGBT+ activists as “ambiguous.”

“They were as friendly as Russian police can be,” she says. She accompanied the volunteers targeted in the attack to the police. Aronchik recalls: “The policeman was semi-friendly—he had some homophobic and misogynistic statements but not as homophobic as I’ve experienced before, so it was kind of fine. So all in all I’d say, for the Russian police, it was OK”

The violence has been decried by various LGTBQIA organizations. “It is totally unacceptable for activists to face threats and attacks simply for holding a conference,” said Graeme Reid, director of the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch “The Russian authorities need to do more to ensure that these threats and attacks stop.”

The organizers’ biggest issue now is funding, as they can’t afford to rent a venue and they also need to provide security . “We are currently looking for donors or any other help in Moscow and outside.” Aronchik says. Their crowdfunding campaign can be found here.

Prince George County Police Investigated for Sex Scandal Involving Sex Workers

Multiple police officers from Prince George’s County and Washington, DC – are under investigation for allegations involving coercing sex acts from sex workers.

A transgender sex worker who spoke with FOX5 said that the officers are using their authority to coerce the sex workers into sexual acts in exchange for not arresting them. She couldn’t reveal her identity for fear of retaliation, but said she had talked to DC and Prince George’s county detectives about the pending investigation.

The officers have not been publicly identified, nor have they been formally charged with any crimes, but the departments involved have confirmed the officers are under investigation.

In the case of a Prince George’s county officer, his department says the officer was off duty when the alleged incidents would have taken place. A video shows an officer – dressed in plain clothes – arriving at a location on Eastern Avenue in Northeast – where one of the incidents is alleged to have occurred – in a marked Prince George’s county police cruiser.

Other images show a man wearing only a DC police polo shirt and naked below the waist. Multiple sources have suggested  that the man is a DC police lieutenant.

Prince George’s county police offered the following statement:

There is an allegation that an off-duty Prince George’s County police officer exchanged money for a sexual act while he was in his marked cruiser in the District of Columbia.  The case is being investigated by Metropolitan Police.  Our internal affairs division is handling the administrative investigation.  Within hours of learning about the allegation, the officer was suspended with pay while the case moves forward.

DC police also offered a statement:

We are aware of the allegations of misconduct against one of our sworn members. MPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the allegation. The member has been place on non-contact status pending the outcome of the investigation.

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