Russia Hacked Kamala Harris’ Web Page And Bernie Is Like All Racist N’ Stuff

The first rule of police fight club is that you should totally get caught doing police fight club.  …of course.  Hey Gang.  We also have a short list of stories compiled by Phoenix Calida (@UppittyNegress on the twitter).  We have our short breaks.  1. With Nina Turner reppin’ for #HoodProgressives […]

Morning Wine Cellar – The Fight For White Civil Rights Part 2

The New York Jets Football guys won’t have to pay a fine for not standing during a wack song and our dear friend Jason Kessler is still fighting for White Civil Rights.

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LGBTQIA A Camera Caught What These People Were Putting In This LGBT News Paper Box MEANWHILE… IN FLORIDA A Florida Burger Employee Lets His Anger Krystal-ize SOCIAL ISSUES This Totally Post Racial Neighborhood Has News For You. #GOODCOPS This #GoodCop Faced A Jury And Got Surprised UNCATEGORIZED Racists Demand A Safe Space…. Honey Badgers […]

Shane Charleson Agrees With Twitter Because Azealia Banks Is The Problem…

Episode Link. Meet Shane: Shane is your typical White Supremacist, but likes to hide it behind pretending he has an interest in social justice. Check out the thread here:. We’ll riff on that for a litttle bit in this episode, but I’ll tell you what. Whe have […]