GOP ‘Deportation Bus’ Candidate Indicted On Fraud Charges

ATLANTA (AP) — A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Georgia who campaigned in a “deportation bus” has turned himself in to county jail after being indicted on charges including insurance fraud. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports an attorney for state Sen. Michael Williams said Wednesday that the indictment presented a “one-sided story” […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Cancerous Nodules Removed From Lung

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had cancerous growths removed from her lung. Ginsburg underwent a pulmonary lobectomy Friday morning at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, according to a news release from the court. The procedure to remove two nodules in the lower […]

Alexandria Broke-Asio Cortez And The Cameroon Kidnapping Update

Morning Wine Cellar. Hey Gang. We open up with a brief riff on folks voting in their interests. From there, we jump over to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez being Melinnial AF. And we close out in Cameroon. Hey gang. We need to get our YouTube up to 4,000 subscribers before we […]

Tariq Nasheed Rewrites Martin Luther King’s History To Lay Out His Policy Agenda

PODCAST AUDIO LINK Motel 6 to Pay Up to $7.6 Million After Reporting Guests to Immigration Authorities AP, File A Motel 6 motel is seen Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018, in SeaTac, Wash. Washington’s attorney general is suing Motel 6, saying the budget hotel disclosed the personal information of thousands of […]

Phoenix Calida – Racist White Women Voted In Their Best Interest

THIS IS A PHOENIX CALIDA SOLO PODCAST. WE’RE UPLOADING IT DIRECTLY TO PATREON BUT IT’S PUBLIC ON THAT PLATFORM. THIS —WILL NOT— BE ON THE REGULAR SHOW FEED.  Link Below. Once again democrats are shocked that white women overwhelmingly voted to support conservatives in the last election. Democrats are […]

Facebook allowed advertisers to target for White Genocide

Hey gang. Dropping in with a quick post election Morning Wine Cellar and I gotta get to the factory a little early today. Florida is going to let felons vote. JB Pritzker snagged up Illinois and Facebook let advertisers aim for that White Genocide click. Facebook allowed advertisers to target […]

#GoodCops — Voter Intimidation — And Alligator Farms

Hey gang. This is one of those episodes that can’t get a cohesive title. This is all over the place Wine Cellar News and Comment. We got our vote on over here in Illinois right before coming home and going live. But we got to do without being met with […]

California Synagogue Vandalized

LOS ANGELES — Police are investigating anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painted on a Southern California synagogue as a hate crime, just days after a gunman killed 11 at a synagogue in Pittsburgh — the deadliest attack against the Jewish community in U.S. history. The Irvine Police Department was notified about the vandalism on an exterior […]

Candace Owens Is A Better Republican Than Tomi Lahren

  Hey gang. In this one, we hop in with some #BeckyLivesmatter news. A bit of Nazi and KKK for sale… For X-Mas? Then we take a look at this “Twitter War” between Candace and Tomi and why I find it interesting. We close out with a glance down in […]

Omarosa, Catholics, And Explosive Misogyny

With William working extra hours to try to get promoted to another department, The Wine Cellar will be doing these fast action drive by episodes in an attempt to keep the content flowing to you.  Thank you for checking us out. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]