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It’s Called Rape Culture

n today’s not at all shocking episode of Christian pastors blaming women’s own bodies for their sexual abuse, extremist Kevin Swanson has his moment. According to Swanson, Larry Nassar, who was convicted of sexually assaulting underage girls did so because gymnastics contains “a fair amount of immodesty.” I guess those 8 year olds should just stop with their sexy shoulder baring hair buns?


 WEST HAVEN, Utah — When Natalie Richard’s sixth-grade daughter told her she couldn’t say “no” if a boy asked her to dance at Kanesville Elementary’s Valentine’s Day dance, she didn’t believe it at first.
 SPARTANSBURG, Pa. (AP) – The mayor of a small Pennsylvania town is standing by its volunteer fire company’s re-election of a registered sex offender as its fire chief.

Chief Roger Gilbert Jr. was convicted in 2001 of sexual intercourse with a 4-year-old girl and is listed in the state’s Megan’s Law database, The (Corry) Journal reported Saturday . Court records show Gilbert is a felon who completed a five- to 10-year sentence for “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.”
Climate change could soon be scrubbed from history… at least in Idaho classrooms. Republicans on the House of Education Committee voted today to remove the effects humans have on global warming from textbooks. What do you think about the idea?

The Arizona Legislature is considering a bill that would provide incarcerated women with an unlimited supply of feminine hygiene products, including tampons, pads, cups and sponges.

Currently, incarcerated women automatically get 12 free pads each month. They must ask an officer if they need more and may possess up to 24 at a time. Unlike in other states, if they want tampons, they must buy them.


“Black women should be a priority. Just by the numbers, more Black women died as a result of intimate partner violence than Black men get killed by the police.” -Sunn m’Cheaux

“Not only do we have to fight THE man, we have to fight OUR man.” -Ibora Ase

“At the end of the day, we have a common goal, which is ultimately liberation, but at the very least the well-being and safety of our sisters.” -Niecee X Asantewaa

#dontBSyourself | Black Women’s Defense League | VICE | Wilbert Cooper


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On a surface-mine-turned-farm in Mingo County, West Virginia, former coal miner Wilburn Jude plunks down three objects on the bed of his work truck: a piece of coal, a sponge, and a peach. He’s been tasked with bringing in items that represent his life’s past, present, and future. “This is my heritage right here,” he says, picking up the coal. Since the time of his Irish immigrant great-grandfathers, all the males in his family have been miners.

William J Jackson Tonya Harvey, a 35-year-old transgender woman, was fatally shot on Tuesday in Buffalo, New York, in what is at least the third homicide of a transgender person in the United States so far this year.

 A two-time convicted rapist who police say is at high-risk to reoffend has been released after serving his complete jail time.

Toronto police Const. Meaghan Gray warned the public that Ronald Peter Tibando, 46, will be living in Toronto after his release from prison on Thursday.

Police say the raids were meant to combat human trafficking, but haven’t made any arrests from the raids and police have not provided evidence of human trafficking to the public. On Monday, the Police Department and the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control said that there were acts of prostitution, “lewd acts” and drug use, according to the New Orleans Advocate. Four of the targeted clubs have reached settlements with state officials and will be able to serve alcohol again, according to the New Orleans Advocate. The clubs will pay fines between $5,000 and $7,500.

Rose McGowan Is Black And Saves The World

Jefferson City- Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City) delivered a

speech on the floor of the Missouri Senate regarding the importance of African American men standing up for their culture and their beliefs.

Rose McGowan, who first went public with accusations against Harvey Weinstein and whose campaigning became the focus of the #MeToo movement, tweeted Friday she is canceling all future engagements following a contentious confrontation with a transgender activist in New York City.

White House withdraws nomination of wildly unqualified climate science denier to top environmental post; Drought returns with a vengeance to California and Southern U.S.; Exxon Mobil pulled in an extra $8 billion in profits thanks to the Republicans’ tax cut; PLUS: California’s governor hits the accelerator on statewide electric vehicle charging network… All that and more in today’s Green News Report!

Durban – Police are failing to investigate regular
incidents of rape of young sex workers operating on Durban’s beachfront. So says Vashti Downs, a 41-year-old Christian missionary and founder of Anchor’s Hope, an organisation that cares for sex workers.

TOMS RIVER — An admitted drug dealer who was caught with about 4,150 doses of heroin worth $25,000 was sentenced to just six months of rehab and five years of probation.
Gary Fox, 30, of Toms River, who has a criminal record that includes previous drug convictions, avoided prison by being accepted by Drug Court and pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree possession with intent to distribute and a count of possession.

Federal correction officer convicted of repeatedly raping female inmate

Carlos Richard Martinez, who was a lieutenant at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, was charged with sexual abuse and civil rights violations. He faces a maximum of life in prison when he is sentenced.

Martinez, a correctional officer at the Metropolitan Detention


Martinez, a correctional officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, was convicted Friday of raping a female inmate at least 10 times over five months, the Department of Justice said.

A correctional officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn was convicted Friday of raping a female inmate at least 10 times over five months, the Department of Justice said.

Carlos Richard Martinez, 48, a Brooklyn resident who was a lieutenant at the jail, was charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse and civil rights violations. He faces a maximum of life in prison when he is sentenced by United States District Judge Edward R. Korman.

No sentencing date has been set.

Martinez and two other correctional officers — Lt. Eugenio Perez, 46, and Officer Armando Moronta, 39, both of Brooklyn — were charged in separate indictments on May 25, 2017. They are accused of sexually abusing female inmates inside a federal jail in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors said the three used threats and physical violence to intimidate a total of nine female inmates in separate cases.

According to a news release, Martinez’ indictment included sexual assaults by Martinez on one woman from Dec. 13, 2015 to April 2016.

“As found by the jury, Carlos Richard Martinez willfully abused his position of power as a federal correctional officer by repeatedly raping a female inmate entrusted to his care at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn,” Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District, said in the news release.

Donoghue added that Martinez “exploited” the victim’s fear of being punished with additional jail time and other disciplinary action.

But Donoghue said Martinez’ attempts to “intimidate” the victim into silence ultimately failed as evidenced by her “brave” testimony at the two-week trial.

“Martinez has now been held to account for violent, criminal misconduct that will never be tolerated in a correctional institution,” Donoghue said. DOJ Special Agent-in-Charge Ronald G. Gardella, of the Inspector General’s New York Field Office, added in the release that Martinez’ conviction shows that no correctional officer is above the law and he called his conduct “reprehensible.”

“The OIG is fiercely committed to working with its law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute instances of sexual abuse and abuse of power within our federal prison system.”

Prosecutors said the victim, who testified at trial using the name, Maria, spoke little English and worked as a cleaner inside the prison. They said Martinez directed her and other female prisoners to clean on the second floor of the Detention Center’s East Building, including his office. As she was preparing to do so Dec. 13, he forced her to perform oral sex on him and raped her.

In the ensuing months, Martinez repeatedly raped “Maria” while she cleaned on the weekend, when his office area on the second floor of the jail is generally empty, according to the release. She testified that during the attacks Martinez monitored security video footage to make sure that no one would see the assault.

John Marzulli, a spokesman for the Eastern District, said Moronta pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual abuse of a ward on Nov. 8 but he has not yet been sentenced.

Marzulli said Perez is scheduled to go to trial Feb. 20 on charges of depravation of civil rights, aggravated sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact, sexual abuse of a ward and attempted sexual abuse.

‘Turn the (n-word) tunes off’: racial slur gets Hoover HS teacher placed on leave


A Hoover High School teacher was placed on administrative leave with pay on Monday after being accused of using a racial slur in front of her class Friday.

Teddie Butcher

Hoover school superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy has confirmed the teacher, Teddie Butcher, admitted to using the (n-word) in her classroom.

Students claim Butcher, a white teacher, told the class to “turn the n****r tunes off” after as they were listening to “Dear Mama” by Tupac while working on a project in her food and nutrition class.

The school system will be investigating the situation while Butcher remains on administrative leave.

“As we are addressing this matter, we will be looking at our board’s policy and obviously taking a look at the state Teacher Code about expectations and we’ll be putting her conduct and behavior up against what we know is professional conduct of one’s self,” Murphy told

Freethought Conversation With Javi Mason. Trigger Warning

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We just kick it with Javi Mason and freestyle it.
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Imprisoned Cop Convicted of Statutory Rape After Impregnating 13-Year-Old, Tried to Contact Victim From Prison

A police officer now serving prison time for impregnating a then 14-year-old girl was recently disciplined over renewed efforts to contact his victim.

James “Paul” Blair pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a child in March. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but that came with the agreement that the former Lowell cop make no contact with the girl for the rest of his life.

Blair violated those restrictions, according to information from the Division of Adult Correction as relayed by Gaston County’s district attorney and the victim’s mother.

“I have begged and I have asked for them to stop and they never stopped,” said Karen Vaughn, the victim’s mother. “I called the prison several times and said there’s letters getting out… Every time I try to push this back out of my mind, he just continuously does this.

This child is (now) 15 years old. This has made her sick.”

Vaughn is now raising the baby for her daughter, who she says is in a hospital. She says Blair sent a letter to one of his family members with instructions to forward it to the teen.

District Attorney Locke Bell says corrections officials have told him a similar story, and that it’s up to them to determine how the offense could impact his sentence. The maximum term on the range of his plea agreement was nearly 20 years, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety.

“I was amazed that he was stupid enough to do it,” Bell said.

Department of Public Safety officials wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the infraction, other than to say it was a Class B offense, which includes “communicating directly, indirectly, via a third party, or in any manner with victims, or family members of the victims.”

Before his conviction Vaughn said that Blair, 52, tried to contact her daughter while in jail. Blair began work as a police officer with the Belmont Police Department in 2001.

He joined Lowell Police in 2003, and worked there until his firing last year.

Vaughn trusted the man to be a mentor to his child, believing that his role in the community would be a positive influence. Instead, she says he abused her power by impregnating her daughter and then refusing to leave her alone.

“It makes me want to kill him,” she said. “Whatever with jail. Jail doesn’t mean anything. The man is still doing it. Apparently he’s getting by with everything.”

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The Most Tangential Episode We’ve Ever Done


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Killer cop revealed to be cleared of excessive charge force before committing murder

The former Arizona cop who was acquitted for the murder of Daniel Shaver had previously been investigated for body slamming a teenager during an arrest captured on video.

The footage shows Mesa police officer Philip Brailsford and other cops arresting 2 men at a gas station in 2015. While attempting to apprehend a group of teens for criminal damage to a store … Brailsford put one of them in a headlock, spun him around and slammed him to the ground.

While the suspect was pinned down, Brailsford put him in cuffs. Two other officers used a similar tactic to take down another suspect who appeared to be resisting. The suspects were booked for criminal damage, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.

According to police docs, obtained by TMZ, Brailsford and 3 other cops on the scene were investigated by Internal Affairs for using an “inappropriate amount of force.” They were eventually cleared.

Brailsford was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder in the death of Shaver. Attorneys for Shaver’s family called it an “execution” upon seeing the dramatic body cam footage of the shooting.

As has been reported, Brailsford was a failed actor before he joined the police force.

Former prison guard pleads guilty to child porn charges

A former Dallas county jailer pleaded guilty Tuesday to posing as a film director in order to entice young boys into making pornographic films, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Kevin Scott Morris, 44, used a camera as a pretext to molest young boys and create child pornography, the report said, citing court records.

The report said Morris would travel with the victims back in 2009 for film and modeling sessions, and would act like he wanted to advance their careers to build trust.

An investigation into Morris began in 2016 when authorities from Orange County, Calif. contacted the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office in Texas about a boy’s complaint that Morris had touched him “all over” at a hotel and at Morris’ home in 2012, the Dallas Morning News reported. The boy was reportedly 13 at the time.

Morris, who worked at Dallas County jails from May 2013 to October 2016, was eventually indicted in January 2017 on enticement and child pornography charges.

Morris pleaded guilty Tuesday to enticement of a minor, which covers all of the sexual abuse allegations. His plea agreement mentions 10 other victims, some of whom are still unknown to law enforcement. At the time of Morris’ arrest, federal authorities asked the public to help identify other children whom Morris may have sexually abused.

He faces up to life in prison at sentencing.