Morning Wine Cellar – Bill O’Reilly Defends Joe Biden – Sea Level Rise – Black Woman Harassed – Sex Workers Rights

Black Nurse Racially Profiled While Caring for Patient Home healthcare nurse, Stephanie Dash, claims she was racially profiled while caring for her white patient in Franklin, Tenn. Dash, who is Black, stated that she noticed an officer peeping through the window and then that same officer proceeded to knock on […]

What Uniform Does The Good Cop Wear?

FULL PATREON ONLY SHOW AVAILABLE HERE     As a homeless transgender woman, she had turned to sex work to survive. Then she was killed. People gather to mourn the death of Ashanti Carmon, a 27-year old transgender woman who was shot multiple times on March 30. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington […]

Flint Water Crisis – Wine Cellar News Continued 4/8/19

College student organizes Flint water drive after seeing story of unused water left in abandoned building A University of Michigan-Flint senior remembers the exact moment she decided to help people of Flint access clean water.   Her efforts are culminating with a water drive at Freeman Elementary School Saturday, April 6. […]

Phoenix Calida Talks About Lori LightFoot And #DaiLee Being Charged

LIVE TO TAPE PODCAST EPISODE CALL IN AT 347-857-3937 Dallas police doubles down on charging L’Daijohnique Lee. A viral video of the assault and initial minor charges against the attacker sparked angry protests in the streets of Dallas. It’s hard to believe that the communication failure was an oversight. Reporters […]

Joe Biden Has The Democratic Party “Under His Eye”

Hey gang. Join us  in the wine cellar for a broadcast and a Facebook live about Joe Biden and his problems with consent along with other news stories of the day at 5pm CST Pro-Trump PAC attacks ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden in ad recalling Clinton campaign A new ad from a […]

Rapist Cop, Andrew Mitchell Update. He Murdered A Sex Worker. Trial Coming Up

The Columbus, Ohio, police officer who fatally shot Donna Dalton last year has now been arrested by the FBI and indicted on federal charges. Vice cop Andrew Mitchell is accused of kidnapping women “under the guise of an arrest” and forcing victims “to engage in sex for their freedom,” as […]

Cleveland youth helping Flint residents, one water bottle at a time

CLEVELAND — A water crisis in Michigan has prompted local youth to help out residents who have lived without clean water for years. The Cleveland Boys and Girls Club is taking hundreds of cases of donated water to those affected by the crisis. “We really felt a major need to […]