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Florida Man Arrested For Shooting Rifle Outside a Bar

SUWANNEE COUNTY, FL – A six-time convicted felon has been arrested after deputies say he shot a rifle at two people in the parking lot of a local bar.

Around 1:45 a.m. Monday morning, the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office received reports that a man was in the parking lot of the Keg Room Bar located shooting a rifle.

Upon deputies arrival on the scene, the man had already run away.

They met with a male victim who stated while he was attempting to wrestle the rifle away from the unknown man, the gun went off, causing a bullet to hit his shirt. A second victim stated that the subject pointed the rifle at her and fired at least one round at her. Neither victim suffered any injuries.

Deputies then found the suspect’s truck crashed nearby. The suspect fled the scene of the crash, but with the assistance of the Suwannee Correctional Institutions K-9 Team, he was found hiding in the floorboard of a vehicle in the 22000 block of 35th Drive and was taken into custody.

The suspect was identified as David Paul Mankamyer, 42, from St. Lucie, FL, a six-time convicted felon, who had once been convicted of attempted murder.

David was transported to the Suwannee County Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, use of a firearm under the influence of alcohol, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, resisting arrest without violence, and trespassing.

The Florida Highway Patrol is also investigating the traffic crash and additional charges are pending that investigation.


Student Punched By Classmate For Wearing Nazi Jacket

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – It’s been three months since a black Mountain Vista High School student reportedly punched a white student wearing a Nazi jacket in the face, but the incident has only come to light after a video of the fight went viral this week.

According to The Denver Post  Twitter user from Baltimore posted the video to his feed, on Friday.

The fight, which happened in August, began at lunch break in front of the Highlands Ranch high school, when the white student in the Nazi jacket was doing a T-pose, which is a popular meme among gamers to demonstrate dominance or power, said Lt. Lori Bronner with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Historically, some members of the Ku Klux Klan have used the pose to “represent a burning cross,” Bronner told Denver7.

Bronner said the black student saw the white student doing the T-pose and went up to confront him. They exchanged words and the black student spit on the white student, at which point the white student did the same to the black student.

The black student then briefly walked away but returned to confront the white student once again before punching him in the face, causing the student to fall to the ground.

She said the student wearing the green Nazi jacket then got up, grabbed a rock and threw it at the black student, missing him.

According to Bronner, the student who threw the punch then ran after his peer and kicked him after he fell to the ground. She said the student in the Nazi jacket curled into a protective, fetal position while calling the black teen a racial slur.

Shortly afterward, a third student and staff members separated the two boys.

“We’ve had no other situations like this,” said Bronner, adding this type of disputes are very rare.

Bronner said the black student was charged with assault for punching and kicking the white student and the white student was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal attempted assault for throwing a landscaping rock at the black student.

No one was charged with a hate crime.

Denver7 reached out to Douglas County Schools for comment. Paula Hans, a public information officer for DCSD, said she could not discuss specifics on any given student’s disciplinary actions, only saying “a student is not allowed per DCSD dress code policy to wear anything that is offensive or disruptive to the learning environment.”

When asked if the white student’s jacket had any Nazi markings, Hans only said the principal at Mountain Vista High School informed her that there were “no markings on the jacket.”

According to the Post, students said the white teenager was known for wearing the green jacket complete with Nazi regalia. A review by a newspaper reporter of the juvenile’s Instagram account shows multiples pictures of him wearing Nazi uniforms.

Michael Weaver, the principal of the High School has since sent out a tweet saying:

“Hi all. Thx for your engagement and the support. Important conversations. It is hard to “prove” a persons level of empathy or compassion and it is impossible to change all minds. Be open minded,gather facts,and consider all perspectives. Learn and grow. Thx again.”

Pro Gun Preacher Shoots Woman After Demanding Sex

A former pastor has been charged with murder after he allegedly kidnapped three women and forced two to perform sex acts on him.  Thomas Bruce, 53, of Missouri, was charged with 17 crimes including first-degree murder, sodomy, kidnapping, burglary, and tampering with evidence on Wednesday following the incident on Monday, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He is being held without bail.

Bruce was once a pastor in Missouri and had a history of going on social media rants against “gun-free zones”. Just last week, for example, he called for abolishing gun-free zones on the grounds that “we should stop expecting criminals to follow the rules.”

This week, police say 53-year-old Thomas Bruce initially posed as a customer of a Catholic Supply store in Ballwin. When he saw that there were two female employees and one female customer in the store, Bruce told the employees he had forgotten his credit card and would come back.

When Bruce returned, he forced the three women to go with him into a back room at gunpoint. After they went with them, he ordered them to strip and “perform deviant sexual acts on him,” police allege.

One of the women, Jamie Schmidt refused to give in to his demands, and Bruce allegedly killed her with a shot to the head. This prompted the other two women to begin complying with his requests, and Bruce eventually fled the scene.

St. Louis County police searched Bruce’s trailer home at the Quail Run Estates mobile home park in the Antonia area of Jefferson County where they arrested him early Wednesday. An American flag and a Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag waved on a pole outside.


In January 2017, Bruce and his wife, Diane, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in St. Louis, listing assets of about $92,000 and debts of nearly $159,000.

The bankruptcy was discharged in April 2017. Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed on the couple’s home in August, records show.

It is not clear if Bruce has an attorney.

FedEx Driver Won’t Face Charges For Fatally Punching Man Who Called Him Racial Slurs

Timothy Warren, a FedEx driver in Oregon will not face charges in connection with the September death of a Portland man he fatally punched, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

There’s no indication Timothy Warren intended to kill Joseph Magnuson when Warren’s punch connected above Magnuson’s left eye on Sept. 26, Senior Deputy District Attorney Adam Gibbs wrote in a memo declining to prosecute Warren. A county medical examiner later determined Magnuson was in “extremely poor health” beforehand and that his fall to the ground aggravated pre-existing medical conditions and led to his death.

Gibbs also noted in the memo that Warren “was in his right” to challenge Joseph Magnuson.

Witnesses said Magnuson called Warren the n-word and “other aggressive and abusive phrases,” The Oregonian reported. Witnesses said Magnuson started the altercation by yelling at Warren “very aggressively” to slow down, the paper reported. When Warren tried to speak with Magnuson after stopping the vehicle, Magnuson called him racial slurs and threw a drink at the FedEx employee.Witnesses said Magnuson also hurled a bag of food at Warren before he threw a punch that missed.

Warren then hit Magnuson above his left eye, knocking him to the ground unconscious, the report said. Magnuson died a few days later.

“Oregon law contains no ‘duty to retreat’ and Mr. Warren was within his right to exit his vehicle and verbally challenge the manner in which Mr. Magnuson was addressing him,” the memo said. “Mr. Magnuson was the initial verbal aggressor; Mr. Warren responded in kind. Mr. Magnuson then escalated and became the initial physical aggressor; Mr. Warren again responded in kind.”

While Magnuson might still be alive if Warren had not stopped, Gibbs noted that “the decision by Mr. Warren, who is black, to not let the racist vitriol to which he was being subjected go unanswered is not of legal significance,” according to the paper.

Warren waited at the scene and cooperated with police, the paper reported.

Teacher Suspended After Letting Student Wear KKK Costume For Class Project

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) – The Poplar Bluff School District is investigating after a student dressed in a KKK costume as part of a study group presentation on Friday, November 9. The School District has said it had suspended a teacher who oversaw a Friday “study group presentation” in the classroom that involved a student dressing up as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The district acknowledged that students in a 9th-grade history class were divided into study groups and instructed to make presentations focused on amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

One group was assigned the 15th Amendment – “ensuring the rights of citizens to vote would not be denied or abridged by the United States on account of race or color. As part of the presentation, students discussed the adverse historical actions of certain organizations that actively engaged in the suppression of voter rights.”

One of the students  assigned to that group dressed as a KKK member.

Several viewers reached out to Heartland News questioning the reason for the costume after the picture surfaced on the internet.


Superintendent Scott Dill said the groups were in costume, representing different historical facets of the assigned amendments.

Dill, visited the classroom along with Bishop Ron Webb of Poplar Bluff’s Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church.

Webb has been active in the Bridge the Gap movement. Following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, which prompted national outrage, Bridge the Gap has sought to foster racial reconciliation and better ties between law enforcement and communities.

A district communications official said the superintendent and the pastor read a letter of apology from the suspended teacher, discussed why the teacher was not present in class and talked about what took place Friday.


Dill, visited the classroom along with Bishop Ron Webb of Poplar Bluff’s Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church.

Webb has been active in the Bridge the Gap movement. Following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, which prompted national outrage, Bridge the Gap has sought to foster racial reconciliation and better ties between law enforcement and communities.

A district communications official said the superintendent and the pastor read a letter of apology from the suspended teacher, discussed why the teacher was not present in class and talked about what took place Friday.


Minnesota Teen Leaves Deer Carcass on Somali Men’s Cars

Somali and Muslim leaders expressed deep concern Saturday after a white man and his teenage son dumped bloody deer carcasses on the hoods of two cars owned by Somali-American men in the Minnesota city of St. Cloud, and they don’t believe the explanation the suspects gave to police.

The victims discovered the carcasses on the hood of their cars just before 10 p.m. Wednesday after working out inside the YMCA. Police viewed surveillance video and found a 14-year-old St. Cloud boy leaving the dead deer on the cars while his 62-year-old father looked on.

The two suspects, who have not been named, had gone inside the YMCA for about half an hour before returning to their truck. The boy then pulled out and discarded the carcasses on the cars, which were next to their truck, as his father watched, police said. The father and son told police that they needed to get rid of the carcasses and decided to dump them there.

In a news release Friday, assistant police chief Jeff Oxton said investigators used surveillance video to track down the pair.

“In a taped statement the suspects indicated that they needed to get rid of the carcasses and dumped them at that location in that manner,” Oxton said. “It is not believed that the suspects knew either of the victims.”

Oxton said police would forward the case to the city attorney for possible charges. In Minnesota, city attorneys generally prosecute misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors, but not felonies.

One of the victims and two community leaders scoffed at the suspects’ claims that they merely needed to get rid of the carcasses, pointing out that they had plenty of options for disposing of them properly or could have just dumped them in the woods.

Internal Investigation Determines Cop’s Nazi Tattoo Did Not Violate Department Policy

An Internal Affairs investigation has found a Philadelphia officer did not violate department policy by having a Nazi tattoo on his left arm.

Photos of Officer Ian Hans Lichterman and his tattoos spread across social media late last summer, prompting angry reaction online and an Internal Affairs investigation.

The Internal Affairs investigation cleared Lichterman of any violations, closing the case in December, police said. They did not respond to follow-up questions inquiring whether any specific determinations were made about the tattoos.

Meanwhile, nearly five months after the controversy erupted, police  have yet to deliver a promised tattoo policy for its ranks.

Mayor Jim Kenney, who previously called the tattoos “disturbing” and “incredibly offensive,” released a statement that voiced the same reaction. But without an existing tattoo policy, Kenney said police could not dismiss Lichterman.

His statement reads:

“I am deeply offended by the tattoo and I think it is completely inappropriate for any law enforcement officer to have such a tattoo given its impact on those they are sworn to protect and serve. Since the investigation determined that the officer couldn’t be dismissed because PPD does not have a policy against tattoos, we will draft such a policy so this cannot happen again.

Additionally, PPD will continue to conduct thorough background checks and psych tests for new recruits. We also work to foster a culture of acceptance, diversity and inclusion throughout the police academy and the force.

That spirit has been on display the past several weeks as officers have protected thousands of individuals’ right to protest and done so with respect and with dignity, and not a single arrest. I am confident that the actions of this officer is not reflective of our entire force.”

On Tuesday, John McNesby, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 5, reiterated his prior statements defending Lichterman, saying there was “nothing wrong” with the tattoos.

“There was nothing there to investigate,” McNesby said. “He had a tattoo. There was no policy. He had it for years. He had no discipline. There was no issue with it.”

McNesby said he did not know what investigators determined the eagle to represent. He declined to make Lichterman available for comment.

After the photos spread across social media, Philadelphia police pledged to determine an “appropriate policy” regarding tattoos, saying the department “does not condone anything that can be interpreted as offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form.”

A tattoo policy has not yet been finalized, police said Monday.

Indiana Mayor Orders Review of Elkhart Police Department

ELKHART, INDIANA— Mayor Tim Neese has asked the Indiana State Police to investigate his city’s police force, a move that comes two weeks after misdemeanor criminal charges were announced against two officers who beat a handcuffed man.

SouthBend Tribune reporter first asked last month for video of the Jan. 12 incident. The police department released the video — which showed Newland and Titus repeatedly punching the man in the face after he spit at one of them — and announced the officers would face charges. The video shows two other officers, including the mayor’s son, Sgt. Drew Neese, watching the beating. The fourth officer, Cpl. Jason Ray, walks over as the beating ends and tells Newland and Titus to stop.

Five months earlier, in June, Elkhart Police Chief Ed Windbigler issued written reprimands to Newland and Titus. Speaking to the city’s Police Merit Commission, Windbigler said the officers used “a little more force than needed” with a man in custody and “went a little overboard.”

Last week, Neese said “in hindsight” the chief should have handed down more severe discipline. Newland and Titus are now on administrative leave pending the criminal case.


Neese asked for the state police probe just as the South Bend Tribune and ProPublica prepared to publish an investigation of disciplinary matters within the Elkhart Police Department, and a week after a Tribune reporter asked the mayor about the news organizations’ findings.

Meanwhile, the Tribune and ProPublica have published online a new report. Of 34 Elkhart police supervisors, the report reveals, 28 have been disciplined, 15 have been suspended, 7 have been involved in fatal shootings. And 3 have been convicted of criminal charges. Also, under Ed Windbigler, the current chief, the department appears to have scaled back discipline compared with his immediate predecessors, the report found.

When Windbigler became Elkhart’s police chief in January 2016, one of his first tasks was selecting his top command staff. For assistant chief, his second in command, Windbigler named Todd Thayer. Less than three years before, Thayer had been demoted two ranks for making flippant comments about a fatal shooting. Witnesses reported he said a fellow officer could now check shooting a person off his “bucket list.”

For patrol captain, Windbigler named Brent Long. Less than two years before, Long had received a four-day suspension for sending inappropriate emails to fellow officers. One email included gruesome photos of a man in another city who, while running from police, jumped or fell from an overpass and was decapitated on a wrought-iron fence.

Under Windbigler, Thayer and Long are not aberrations, according to a review of personnel files by the South Bend Tribune and ProPublica. Twenty-eight of the Elkhart Police Department’s 34 supervisors, from chief down to sergeant, have disciplinary records. The reasons range from carelessness to incompetence to serious, even criminal, misconduct. Fifteen of them have served suspensions, including Windbigler himself, who was once suspended for three days — and ordered to pay punitive damages in a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force.


On Thursday, Neese said he had asked Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter to have the agency conduct what the mayor called a “very thorough and far-reaching” investigation into not only the Jan. 12 beating depicted in the video, but also any patterns of excessive force by Elkhart police.

“The Elkhart Police Department is made up of very good officers, and I want to preserve that integrity,” Neese said after a town hall meeting Thursday evening. “But also, if there is a situation that is not becoming of an Elkhart police officer, then it’s going to get attention.”


Neese said state police investigators would work alongside the Elkhart County Prosecutor’s Office. The mayor also said the state police probe would not be limited to that case. While the precise boundaries of the investigation were undetermined Thursday, Neese said he wanted the state investigators to look at “anything that relates to the Elkhart Police Department.”


When the state police investigation is complete, Neese said, he would like to release a report to the public. He said he did not know when the probe would start and had no timetable for its completion.






Florida Teen Charged as Adult After Killing Mom During Argument

15-year-old accused of killing his mother in DeBary is charged as an adult with first-degree murder, the state attorney for Volusia County announced Thursday.

Gregory Ramos is accused of strangling his mother, 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger, then calling two friends to help him bury her body and stage a robbery at his house. A grand jury indicted him Thursday, State Attorney R.J. Larizza said.

“I’m surprised, I’m shocked, I’m bewildered by the fact that we’re in a position to have to prosecute a 15-year-old for murdering his mother,” Larizza said. “That’s a sad day, and it’s a sad announcement I’m making, and I take no pleasure in the fact that the state attorney’s office will be prosecuting the 15-year-old for the murder of his mother as an adult.”

Ramos’ two 17-year-old friends, Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, are charged as adults with being accessories to a capital felony after the fact. If convicted, they could face up to 30 years in prison.

If Ramos is convicted of first-degree murder he could face up to life in prison, Larizza said. He would be eligible for parole, unlike most adults in Florida who are convicted of the same crime.

“Ramos showed an extreme indifference to human life, and in his own words he said it took 30 minutes to kill his mother,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “So I fully support what the state attorney is doing here. I don’t think there’s any real other outcome to this.”

After hours of questioning, Gregory confessed to deputies that he strangled his mother Nov. 1 after a fight over getting a D in school, Chitwood said after the crime. He told them it took about half an hour, Chitwood said.

He then brought Cleavenger’s body to the family’s car and drove to Holly Hill. Then he asked his two friends, Brian and Dylan, to help him get rid of her body, Chitwood said. They staged a robbery, taking some electronics from Gregory’s home, and buried Cleavenger under a fire pit near a church, Chitwood said.

The next morning Gregory went to school, Chitwood said. He talked to his step-father, who was out of town, like nothing was wrong, Chitwood said.

Then he left school a few hours early, went home, and called 911 to say his home was burglarized and his mother was missing.

“I don’t think we’re talking about a typical 15-year-old kid. He made sure to tell us he was highly intelligent over and over and over again,” Chitwood said. “I hate to say this, but you’re gonna act like a big boy? Now you’re gonna get treated like a big boy.”

Man Does Nazi Salute During Performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

A man created panic at a Baltimore theater after yelling “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” during intermission of classic play “Fiddler on the Roof” which is set in a Jewish village in czarist Russia.

Audience member Rich Scherr said the outburst, during intermission at the Hippodrome Theatre on Wednesday, prompted fears that it was the beginning of a shooting.  Scherr said a man seated in the balcony was behind the commotion. He described stunned audience members freezing in fear when the man began shouting minutes into the intermission.

“Everything just got really, really quiet. And then I heard this guy screaming: “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” he said in a Thursday phone interview. Other patrons told him they also heard the man yell about “MAGA,” President Donald Trump‘s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

A few dozen people started running for the exits, according to Scherr, while others began calling out for security. Scherr said he braced for the possibility of gun violence in the packed theater.

Samit Verma was seated in the balcony when he heard shouting and saw a man holding his hand straight up in a Nazi salute, he said in an email Thursday. Ushers rushed over to the man while audience members quickly made their way out of the theater and into the hall, Verma said.

“The people around me appeared to be quite shaken by the incident,” Verma said in the email. “There were some people in tears.”

After several minutes, the offending theatergoer was quietly escorted out of the Baltimore theater by security and the show continued without incident after the intermission ended. But Scherr said he thinks “everyone was shaken up” in the audience for the remainder of the night.

A Baltimore police spokeswoman, Det. Chakia Fennoy, said officers did respond to the Hippodrome at 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, but no arrest was made and no report was written. “The man just left on his own,” she said.

When asked why the police response ended there, Fennoy said she didn’t have more details to share.