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District Attorney fired after falsely accusing Uber driver of kidnapping

Alex Jones selling lead contaminated products to his listeners 

“If we want to defeat the globalists,” says Alex Jones in an Infowars video published last year, “we have to understand they’re using medical tyranny against us. But to get us into that globalist-controlled system, they want to make us unhealthy.” He cites fluoridated water, modified crops and cancers deployed as a form of government control. In order to combat this alleged “medical tyranny” Jones has come up with his own line of healthcare products. 

However, According to the Oakland-based Center of Environmental Health, Infowars’ Caveman Paleo Formula and another supplement called Myco-ZX contain high levels of lead.

CEH reported that, “People who take the daily recommended dose of the Formula product would ingest more than twice the daily limit for lead under California law.”
Those who took the Myco-ZX supplements faced a greater risk. A single dose of Myco-ZX, which is also meant to be taken daily, contains more than six times the daily limit for lead in California, CEH stated.

Caveman Paleo Formula is advertised as a “bone broth drink mix” that “harnesses the power of ancient supernutrients with cutting edge nutraceutical science.” Ingredients include bee pollen and turmeric root. Myco-ZX supposedly offers “an all-natural blend of potent herbs and enzymes” to help the body’s “detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms.”

According to EPA, lead exposure causes sperm damage and reduced sperm production in men as well as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and delayed puberty in both men and women. Research has found that even low levels cause brain damage in children.

Ironically, Jones supplements’ are often marketed as enhancing male virility.

CEH, a national health watchdog, has taken legal action under California’s Proposition 65 against Infowars and its affiliate for failing to warn consumers about the high levels of lead in their products. It also is urging the company to recall products already sold.

Man mocks police on Facebook, offers to bring in donuts

REDFORD, MI – A wanted Michigan man challenged the Redford Police Department on Facebook saying he would turn himself in if the department were to get 1,000 shares on its next post.

It all started on Friday after Champagne Torino, real name Michael Martin Zaydel, wrote, “you guys suck”, on Redford Township Police Department’s page.

Torino got a quick response from the police force, which read: “Michael, given your veiled threats to residents and officers on other threads, and your inability to engage in constructive dialogue on this page, this is your one warning. If it continues you will be blocked.”

Torino wasn’t phased. He fired back: “Yeah I’m not worried about it. If youre next post gets a thousand shares I’ll turn myself in along with a dozen doughnuts. And that’s a promise. And I’ll pick up every piece of litter around all your public schools let’s see if you can get those shares.”

The challenge was accepted by the Redford Police Department. After making Torino’s message public, the department received the 1,000 shares in just over an hour.

Despite losing the bet Torino who on Facebook describes his occupation as ‘head savage’ for a manufacturing firm, has yet to come in – with or without doughnuts.

The police say they’re confident of catching him, though. And today efforts were stepped up. We even know his real name, now.

Radioactive boars found in Sweden after Cherynobl nuclear fall out 

Fears are growing in Sweden over packs of radioactive wild boar moving north across the country.  One animal shot by hunters was found to have more than 10 times the safe level of radiation. 
The high radiation levels — which come 31 years after the Chernobyl disaster sent a cloud of radioactive dust over Sweden — have left hunters afraid to kill and eat the animals. 

Ulf Frykman, who works for the environmental consultancy Calluna, this week issued an alert to local hunters in the country of Gävle, about 100 miles north of Stockholm, warning them of “extremely high” radiation levels among local boar. 

“This is the highest level we’ve ever measured,” he told the Telegraph, after testing an animal in Tärnsjö, a village between the cities of Uppsala and Gävle, with a radiation level of 16,000 becquerel per kilogram (Bq/kg).
Of the 30 samples of boar his team have tested this year, only six have been below the safe limit of 1,500 Bq/kg. 

As the soil in some areas north of Tärnsjö are more than twice as contaminated, radiation levels among boar are only expected to rise. 

Wild boars’ feeding habits mean they have a greater exposure to the iodine and caesium-137 left by the 1986 disaster than other game animals. 

“Wild boar root around in the earth searching for food, and all the caesium stays in the ground,” Mr Frykman explained. “If you look at deer and elk, they eat up in the bushes and you do not have not so much caesium there.” 

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine released roughly four hundred times more radioactive material than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 

Areas in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine were the worst hit, but a cloud of radioactive particles also drifted over central and northern Sweden and it was workers at the Forsmark Nuclear Power plant, near Gävle, who were the first to raise the alarm internationally. Wild boar populations in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, have also been contaminated with radioactivity in the aftermath of Chernobyl.

Man loses NFL bet, then accidentally sets himself on fire

VERO BEACH, Florida – A 27-year-old man was rushed to the Indian River Medical Center after suffering second and third-degree burns after watching the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers game in Vero Beach.
The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office received a call about the incident around 9:00 p.m. Sunday from a home in the 600 block of 9th Street in Vero Beach.

Residents at the home said the family was watching the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers game when someone put on a jersey that was set on fire. The man was taken to the hospital by another family member.

At the hospital, deputies spoke with a couple who also admitted they were watching the NFL game and placed a bet and agreed to burn the losing team’s jersey. However, the man decided to wear the jersey as it was burning.

When the woman’s team won, her husband went outside to light his jersey on fire. He told deputies that he was drunk and tried to put the jersey on while it was burning.

Family members pulled the jersey off the man at the Vero Beach residence and rushed him to the Indian River Medical Center.

The man suffered third-degree burns on his right arm and right hand and second-degree burns to his back.

Man uses google to learn ‘how to rob a bank’, still gets caught 

Pinellas County deputies arrested William Johnson, 26, of Pinellas Park. According to detectives, he robbed the Achieva Credit Union at 10125 Ulmerton Road in Largo on the morning of October 5.
When inside the bank, they said he approached the bank teller, implied he had a gun and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. He was found at the Express Inn located at 11333 U.S. Highway 19 North in Pinellas Park, where he was staying as a guest.
Detectives said he admitted to the bank robbery. Johnson told them he needed money and, as a result, he Googled how to rob a bank. He also said he originally planned to rob the Wells Fargo Bank at 10500 Ulmerton Road but when he entered, he changed his mind after seeing the teller was a large male.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson said he spent the stolen money on rent utilities and drugs, and he planned to rob another bank on Tuesday.

Man cons friends into helping with a robbery 

Police in Montana say a man told friends he needed help moving and got their unwitting help to steal $40,000 worth of items from another man’s home.
One of the friends of Patrick Joseph Adams Jr.  rented a U-Haul for Adams without knowing it would be used in a crime. Another friend told police he became suspicious and left the premises after he saw military medals in the Great Falls home. He said he doubted 36-year-old Patrick Joseph Adams Jr. served in the military, and had never mentioned being deployed before.

Investigators say the true homeowner came home later that night, found his home had been burglarized and called 911. Great Falls Police spoke with witnesses in the neighborhood who said they saw a U-Haul and a dark-colored SUV arrive at the house earlier that day and unload things from the home into the U-Haul. 

Prosecutors charged Adams on Thursday with burglary and criminal mischief, both felonies. The Great Falls Tribune reports that Adams faces up to 30 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. At his initial appearance in district court on Thursday, Judge Elizabeth Best set Adams’ bail at $50,000 and required him to wear GPS monitoring if he is able to post bond. 

According to state records, Adams was previously convicted in 2016 of carrying a concealed weapon and in 2010 of criminal possession of dangerous drugs; both were in Cascade County. Also in 2010, he was convicted of forgery in Toole County. 
According to the police report, the officer did not want to request a warrant for Adams in July because he knew Adams was on probation at the time. The officer wanted to coordinate with the probation and parole office to get a search warrant for Adams’ home, where the officer hoped to recover some of the allegedly stolen items. He instead tried to meet with Adams at the probation office on Sept. 25, but Adams didn’t show. 

It is still unclear if Adams has a lawyer.

Man tries to crowdfund his criminal restitution payments 

A 22-year-old Texas man who was convicted of running down and killing two highway workers in 2014 while drunk tried to use GoFundMe to pay his restitution.
Jan Michael Nieves Delgado was found guilty by an El Paso County jury on two counts of intoxicated manslaughter on May 27, 2016, in connection with the deaths of Jimmy Joe Broadstreet, 54, and James Green, 39, in 2014, the El Paso Times reported.

Jan Michael Nieves Delgado, 22, on the crowd funding account pleaded for donations toward the $10,000 in restitution he was ordered to pay to the victims’ families.

“Back in 2014 I made a big mistake while being enlisted in the Army, ended up being kicked out unfairly and even tho I got probation since I was involved in an accident, now I have to pay $10,000 in restitution to fix all damages,” Nieves wrote on the account created in June.

It continues, “It’s been really hard to pay that much back when you have probation and it becomes so hard to find a job and then when you find a job you don’t make enough. Please help me pay back and get some weight off my shoulders.”

The GoFundMe campaign page was created on June 18 and deleted Tuesday after family members of the victims discovered it and shared their outrage on social media. One of those family member’s was Broadstreet’s niece Krystina Thompson.

“I thought it was disgusting that he would try to make himself out to be a victim of circumstances HE created,” Thompson told Wednesday morning over Facebook. “He should be grateful that his only penalty is monetary, instead of having to suffer the loss of a family member like my family and James Green’s family.”

Beer + Beer = shenanigans and an arrest record 

Nathan Corey, 38, was arrested after a Connecticut State Police trooper pulled him over around 10 PM upon spotting Corey’s vehicle striking a sidewalk (and violating other traffic laws).

The Connecticut man wearing a “Beer + Beer = Shenanigans” t-shirt when arrested Saturday night for drunk driving.

Corey, cops say, failed subsequent field sobriety tests. Corey was eventually charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, failure to drive in the proper lane, unsafe movement from a stop position, failure to have headlights illuminated.

After police searched his car they found drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and a machete, resulting in Corey also being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and weapons in a motor vehicle.

After being booked on an assortment of criminal and vehicular charges, Corey was freed from custody after posting $10,000 bail. He is scheduled for an October 3 appearance in Superior Court.

Grandmother busted smuggling heroin into prison for her grandson 

Authorities say a West Virginia grandmother has joined her grandson in jail after being accused of smuggling drugs to him behind bars.
The Mountain State Fugitive Task Force said 64-year-old Carolyn Lou Gay was arrested Wednesday on 15 charges related to drug possession and delivery.

News media report a criminal complaint says Gay visited her grandson Sept. 2 at Eastern Regional Jail near Martinsburg. The complaint says a guard heard inmate Shawn Douglas Weister tell Gay to “go ahead.” It says Weister was directed to a strip search room, but instead ran away. When guards caught up, he yelled: “Run granny, they caught me.”

The complaint says investigators found 22 sealed drinking straws containing various drugs including heroin in Weister’s possession, and Gay is the only person who visited him.