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Reading In The Shade With Phoenix Calida 12/4/17

Wisconsin gives guns to babes.

Walter Scott say he ain’t is be racist.

Sex workers in India open their own bank.

Crime scene specialist crimes at the crime scene because reasons.

Deconstructing An Alex Jones Gish Gallop And More

OKC police have beef with man who stole $400 worth of jerky

Fox And Friends Claims ‘War On Christmas Is Gaining Speed’
This is weak, even for them.

Of course we hit up the Alex Jones clip and there is a great #BeckyLivesMatter moment in Hip Hop.

We tangent harder than usual in this episode.

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@Elonjames Publishes His Buck Dancing Manifesto

Elon James White went full coon on twitter and then deleted it.

And @UppittyNegress puts up the poll to make Emily the new Becky.

We touch on a little white on white crime as it is a Wednesday episode as well.

Right now Phoenix has a new Reading In The Shade episode that will be Patreon only until 12/1/17.

Reading In The Shade With Phoenix Calida 11/27/17

Reading In The Shade With Phoenix Calida

1 marines get drunk and disturb the peace in Japan, are punished with a time out.

An unarmed marine is being held after allegedly causing a fatal car accident while under the influence of alcohol. All military personnel are now required to remain on base pending investigation.

2 #Goodcops try to bring business across stateliness and attempt to distribute stolen narcotics. Federal agents busted a ring Baltimore cops sending stolen drugs to Philadelphia cops to be sold.

3 massage envy chain enables rapists and brushes hundreds of sexual assault claims under the rug.

4 Oklahoma DA introduces new money making scheme that will Use electronic system to automatically scan and fine uninsured drivers

5 rant- stop using your oppressed friends to do your labor. We don’t exist for to step in when social media is hard for you; you can’t separate our labor from us

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Hotep Jesus Thinks Black Women Are White People.

I added an extra bit of audio in the beginning to confirm that this actually is a Black owned website by a Black man.

He thinks that Black women are the new white people because they are sooo gosh darn privileged.

He also thinks that anti racism is worse than racism.

Here are some of the images from his webpost.