Utah man celebrates Christmas with explosives, a battle axe, and a police standoff

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Cedar City Police shot a suspect who was wearing body armor after he threatened officers with a “battle ax” early Christmas morning. Late Christmas Eve, officers were called to a home on the 1800 W. block of Clark Parkway in Cedar City about a man who threatened to harm himself in a home where children were present.

Iron County deputies and the SWAT team were called in when the suspect, 38-year-old  Benjamin Dee Wilcken, barricaded himself in the garage. Authorities said Wilcken threatened officers and nearby residents with the detonation of explosives.

Law enforcement evacuated surrounding homes as a precaution. Officers searched for explosives, but none were found. Authorities then negotiated with Wilcken for nearly two hours.

He failed to comply with officers and threatened them with a weapon he referred to as a “battle ax.” At one point, Wilcken charged police and two officers tried to subdue him with tasers and were unsuccessful. A third officer shot Wilcken when he ran back into the garage.

Officers tried to negotiate with Wilcken for several more hours before he surrendered. Wilcken was wearing “military-style body armor” when the officer shot him and was not seriously injured. Authorities said Wilcken also suffered a few self-inflicted injuries that were not life-threatening.

Wilcken was treated at the hospital and released to the Cedar City Police Dept.

He has been booked into the Iron County Jail for aggravated assault again law enforcement, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and intoxication.


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Would be Grinch gets stuck in chimney while trying to steal Christmas

Citrus Heights, CA-  Police arrested a man they say tried to break into a business through the chimney, got stuck, and called 911 for a rescue.  Sacramento Metro Fire Crews used a special tripod device to pull the suspect, Jesse Berube, out of the chimney. According to police, Berube, 32, was allegedly attempting to rob a business in Citrus Heights and thought he could slide in through the chimney. But once he tried, he found himself stuck on Wednesday with no way out on his own, police said.

Berube was reportedly able to move just enough to reach his phone and dial 911. Berube was removed from the tight space uninjured but now faces one count of burglary, police said.

The business owner Loree LaMoureaux says she’s glad no one was hurt, and thinks it makes for a great Christmas story. “There’s lots of room for Santa but it’s got to be the right Santa and not the criminal Santa,” said LaMoureaux.

Authorities referred to the man as a “criminal Santa” but said he “does not have the same skills as the real deal.”


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Florida man assaults ATM because it gave him money

Florida man, Michael Joseph Oleksik, 23, was arrested Friday after he reportedly punched an ATM because it “was giving him too much money” during an incident in November.

 Oleksik was charged with criminal mischief after Wells Fargo requested Cocoa Police press charges against the man.

Law enforcement told Florida Today that Oleksik was seen on surveillance footage “standing at the ATM, pummeling the electronic teller’s touch screen on Nov. 29.”

Oleksik told police he was in a hurry to get to work and became frustrated the machine when it began giving him more money than he requested. He told police he didn’t know what else to do and took his frustration out on the atm. His attack caused at least $5,000 in damages.

Oleksik then reportedly called Wells Fargo and apologized for the damage done to the teller machine, but said he was “angry the ATM was giving him too much money and he did not know what to do.”

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Elderly couple tries to make Christmas green again, gets busted with 60 pounds of marijuana

York County, Nebraska- When deputies in York County stopped a Toyota Tacoma after it crossed the center line and the driver failed to signal, they thought the traffic stop would be normal. Instead, deputies said they immediately smelled what appeared to be marijuana.

When drug-sniffing dogs confirmed their suspicion, officers searched the pickup and found the weed in boxes inside the pickup topper, the newspaper reported. At that point, the owner of the vehicle, 80 year old Patrick Jiron, admitted to having mairijuana in the back of his truck.

Jiron was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp, both felonies. He has since posted 10 percent of his $100,000 bond and has been released. His wife, Barbara Jiron was also cited in the case but was not jailed “due to some medical issues.”

(It has also been clarified that Barbara Jiron’s age is 70. The sheriff’s department inadvertently originally said her age was 83.)

Lt. Vrbka said the Jirons acknowledged that the marijuana was in the back of the pickup, under a topper, and deputies found nearly 60 pounds of marijuana inside boxes. Because the marijuana was such high grade, the street value was equally high. Vrbka estimated the confiscated cannabis to be worth about $336,000.


The couple told investigators that they were traveling from Clearlake Oaks, California and were headed to Vermont. They added that they intended to give away the marijuana as Christmas presents.

Vrbka said they also told deputies “they didn’t know it was illegal to transport marijuana in Nebraska.”

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White On White Crime – Incompetent Grinch, Drunk Teachers & The Number 2 Villian.


The man was upset at the size of the clams he…
who is the bigger asshole?? The kid who is driving his teachers to drink? Or the parents who are reminding the teacher how much of a problem their child is by putting his face on the wine bottle they gifted?


Police say a hunter’s trip home hit a snag in Las Vegas after security screeners found a dead cougar in his luggage. No crime was committed because the man had a hunting tag. But police Lt. David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Transportation Security Administration…
 The real nightmare before Christmas- man gets stuck in chimney, calls police for help
Authorities say a Northern California man tried to burglarize a business by entering through the chimney only to become stuck. Police in the Sacramento-area city of Citrus Heights said Friday that 32-year-old Jesse Berube was uninjured but now faces one count of burglary. According to…
The safest game of hide and seek ever played.

German boy locks himself in safe during game of hide and seek, fire fighters have to break him outSee MoreManage

It took three hours to release the child, with…
This New York suburb is getting crappier by the day.…
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Hotep Holidaze – Umar’s King Kong Konscious Kriss Miss

But Wait… There’s More!

Imani Gandi hates Black Steel Workers because they’re white or something.

White Vegans Behaving Badly.

Woke Christmas Carols.

Girl Scouts Teach Some Consent Lessons Around Affection.

Study: White Medical Students Hold Outrageous Theories About Black Biology, Explaining Why Black Patients Are Under-Treated for Pain

Princess Michael sorry for ‘racist’ brooch

Paul Ryan says what Republicans have been saying in backrooms for years… except he says it at a press conference

This white crowd turned its back on an all-black basketball team at a high school game.

These women formed a safe haven for victims–very powerful.

Cornell West VS Black Neoliberals.

White scientists have descienced showering n’stuff.

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Boynton Beach board member resigns amid racist accusations

            Boynton Beach board member resigns amid racist accusations

Cindy Falco-DiCorrado at the Dec. 5 Boynton Beach City Commission meeting. (Photo handout: Adam Wasserman)


Boynton Beach volunteer board member accused of being a white supremacist and racist, based on comments she made while discussing sanctuary cities, announced her resignation in a late Sunday night e-mail.

Residents accused Cindy Falco-DiCorrado of spewing racial slurs toward them at the Dec. 5 commission meeting when the city’s leaders spoke about whether to become a sanctuary city at the request of Commissioner Christina Romelus. Boynton discussed the issue, but ultimately decided against becoming a sanctuary city.


After, officials fielded emails about Falco-DiCorrado, who opposed Romelus’ pursuit, from residents asking for her to be fired from the Community Redevelopment Agency advisory board. Resident Mathi Mulligan said Falco-DiCorrado told him at the meeting to speak “better English ” and allegedly told black residents, “You’re lucky we brought you over as slaves, or else you’d be deported, too.”


Mulligan added: “We will keep pressing on until the City Commission fires this white supremacist from a job that gives her direct power over the lives of people of color.”

Falco-DiCorrado previously told The Palm Beach Post her comments were misunderstood and she didn’t mean any harm.

Vice Mayor Justin Katz last week asked for her to resign but she declined. Commissioner Joe Casello, who appointed her to the board, planned to discuss her position at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.


However Falco-DiCorrado did not wait until Tuesday.

She wrote to the city’s clerk that she received a new career opportunity and would have a conflict in time if she didn’t resign from her position on the CRA board and also on the art council.


“I also heard that the City of Boynton Beach is being attacked through my stance on Sanctuary cities and things that I said that were taken out of context and it just keeps getting worse as those who have hate in their hearts only can hear and see hate,” she wrote. “I ask if anyone was hurt by things that I said that could of been misconstrued, taken out of context or due to misunderstandings to please forgive me. For the record I am NOT a racist nor a white supremacist (which I had to look up what it meant) I forgive them too.”


She added: “I see that a lynch mob was put out on me which keeps Boynton Beach in a negative light. I do love the City of Boynton Beach and I don’t want to see lies and vileness spewed for an agenda of a certain group.”

The CRA advisory board members make recommendations to the CRA board, composed of the City Commission, on redevelopment and other agency business in the Heart of Boynton. The CRA is tasked with removing slum and blight.


Casello said Falco-DiCorrado did the right thing.

“I think she saved herself a lot of embarrassment. I think she saved the city a lot of embarrassment,” he said.

He added he does not think she is a racist. He said statements she might have said could have been taken out of context.

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Imprisoned Cop Convicted of Statutory Rape After Impregnating 13-Year-Old, Tried to Contact Victim From Prison

A police officer now serving prison time for impregnating a then 14-year-old girl was recently disciplined over renewed efforts to contact his victim.

James “Paul” Blair pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a child in March. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but that came with the agreement that the former Lowell cop make no contact with the girl for the rest of his life.

Blair violated those restrictions, according to information from the Division of Adult Correction as relayed by Gaston County’s district attorney and the victim’s mother.

“I have begged and I have asked for them to stop and they never stopped,” said Karen Vaughn, the victim’s mother. “I called the prison several times and said there’s letters getting out… Every time I try to push this back out of my mind, he just continuously does this.

This child is (now) 15 years old. This has made her sick.”

Vaughn is now raising the baby for her daughter, who she says is in a hospital. She says Blair sent a letter to one of his family members with instructions to forward it to the teen.

District Attorney Locke Bell says corrections officials have told him a similar story, and that it’s up to them to determine how the offense could impact his sentence. The maximum term on the range of his plea agreement was nearly 20 years, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety.

“I was amazed that he was stupid enough to do it,” Bell said.

Department of Public Safety officials wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the infraction, other than to say it was a Class B offense, which includes “communicating directly, indirectly, via a third party, or in any manner with victims, or family members of the victims.”

Before his conviction Vaughn said that Blair, 52, tried to contact her daughter while in jail. Blair began work as a police officer with the Belmont Police Department in 2001.

He joined Lowell Police in 2003, and worked there until his firing last year.

Vaughn trusted the man to be a mentor to his child, believing that his role in the community would be a positive influence. Instead, she says he abused her power by impregnating her daughter and then refusing to leave her alone.

“It makes me want to kill him,” she said. “Whatever with jail. Jail doesn’t mean anything. The man is still doing it. Apparently he’s getting by with everything.”

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Becky Is 2 Legit 2 Quit

Screaming woman arrested after chasing a man with a hammer, report says

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