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Omarosa, Catholics, And Explosive Misogyny

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#GoodCop sentenced in Greenwood Lake child rape case

GOSHEN – Retired New York City Police officer Nicholas McAteer of Greenwood Lake was sentenced in Orange County Court on Friday to 18 years in state prison following his guilty plea to two counts of first-degree rape.

Nicholas McAteer, 46, previously pled guilty in his 2007 and 2011 rapes of two teenage girls.         

At the time of his guilty plea, McAteer admitted to forcibly raping the girls including one in 2007 when she was 18 and the other, in 2011, when she was 15.

The judgment against McAteer satisfies an 82-count indictment, involving a series of sexual offenses he committed against the girls over a number of years.

Judge William DeProspo also sentenced McAteer a period of post-release supervision.

“Sex offenses are among the most despicable acts that people can commit against others, and can often have profound adverse impacts on victims, especially young victims,” said District Attorney David Hoovler. “In my office, we have made it a priority to treat sex offenses involving child victims very seriously, and will see appropriate, and significant, sentences for those crimes.”

Hoovler said Friday’ sentence against McAteer “will, hopefully, bring some measure of justice and closure to the young people that this defendant victimized, and to their families.”

White On White Crime – Incompetent Grinch, Drunk Teachers & The Number 2 Villian.


The man was upset at the size of the clams he…
who is the bigger asshole?? The kid who is driving his teachers to drink? Or the parents who are reminding the teacher how much of a problem their child is by putting his face on the wine bottle they gifted?


Police say a hunter’s trip home hit a snag in Las Vegas after security screeners found a dead cougar in his luggage. No crime was committed because the man had a hunting tag. But police Lt. David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Transportation Security Administration…
 The real nightmare before Christmas- man gets stuck in chimney, calls police for help
Authorities say a Northern California man tried to burglarize a business by entering through the chimney only to become stuck. Police in the Sacramento-area city of Citrus Heights said Friday that 32-year-old Jesse Berube was uninjured but now faces one count of burglary. According to…
The safest game of hide and seek ever played.

German boy locks himself in safe during game of hide and seek, fire fighters have to break him outSee MoreManage

It took three hours to release the child, with…
This New York suburb is getting crappier by the day.…

Deconstructing An Alex Jones Gish Gallop And More

OKC police have beef with man who stole $400 worth of jerky

Fox And Friends Claims ‘War On Christmas Is Gaining Speed’
This is weak, even for them.

Of course we hit up the Alex Jones clip and there is a great #BeckyLivesMatter moment in Hip Hop.

We tangent harder than usual in this episode.

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