Omarosa, Catholics, And Explosive Misogyny

With William working extra hours to try to get promoted to another department, The Wine Cellar will be doing these fast action drive by episodes in an attempt to keep the content flowing to you.  Thank you for checking us out. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

#GoodCop sentenced in Greenwood Lake child rape case

GOSHEN – Retired New York City Police officer Nicholas McAteer of Greenwood Lake was sentenced in Orange County Court on Friday to 18 years in state prison following his guilty plea to two counts of first-degree rape. Nicholas McAteer, 46, previously pled guilty in his 2007 and 2011 rapes of […]

White On White Crime – Incompetent Grinch, Drunk Teachers & The Number 2 Villian.

THE AUDIO HAS THE FULL SHOW AND THE VIDEO CUTS OFF AT ONE HOUR BECAUSE WE HAVE A BASIC PLAN. Stuart man charged with misusing 911 emergency line to complain about meal The man was upset at the size of the clams he… TCPALM.COM who is the bigger asshole?? The […]

Deconstructing An Alex Jones Gish Gallop And More

OKC police have beef with man who stole $400 worth of jerky Fox And Friends Claims ‘War On Christmas Is Gaining Speed’ This is weak, even for them. Of course we hit up the Alex Jones clip and there is a great #BeckyLivesMatter moment in Hip Hop. We tangent harder […]