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Moment sobbing vice cop is arrested at work after he tried to blackmail a man he saw visiting a sex worker.

DC Gareth Suffling was caught after making incriminating searches on the police computer just days before he launched a blackmail campaign against the victim

Nichole Nespolini, 40, of Melbourne, was arrested Monday after rear-ending another car at an intersection in Melbourne, where Nespolini then pleaded with the motorist not to notify police, Florida Today reported.

The White House replaced all the drivers shuttling the press around Mar-a-Lago after one of them was detained for having a gun in his luggage during a security screening.

A Massachusetts man has been accused of deliberately crashing a stolen bakery delivery truck into a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey, injuring a pregnant woman and two other people.

A Las Vegas police officer — who reportedly had been assigned to guard the door to gunman Stephen Paddock’s hotel room during the Oct. 1 massacre — barricaded himself in his home Wednesday evening, prompting an hourslong standoff with police and a police SWAT unit.

Tuesday, March 28th 2017
Father turns in daughter after finding journal with plans of mass shooting at Md. school

A Westchester high school’s evacuation procedures are being questioned by the Justice Department after two students who use wheelchairs were left behind during a fire emergency.

Imprisoned Cop Convicted of Statutory Rape After Impregnating 13-Year-Old, Tried to Contact Victim From Prison

A police officer now serving prison time for impregnating a then 14-year-old girl was recently disciplined over renewed efforts to contact his victim.

James “Paul” Blair pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a child in March. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but that came with the agreement that the former Lowell cop make no contact with the girl for the rest of his life.

Blair violated those restrictions, according to information from the Division of Adult Correction as relayed by Gaston County’s district attorney and the victim’s mother.

“I have begged and I have asked for them to stop and they never stopped,” said Karen Vaughn, the victim’s mother. “I called the prison several times and said there’s letters getting out… Every time I try to push this back out of my mind, he just continuously does this.

This child is (now) 15 years old. This has made her sick.”

Vaughn is now raising the baby for her daughter, who she says is in a hospital. She says Blair sent a letter to one of his family members with instructions to forward it to the teen.

District Attorney Locke Bell says corrections officials have told him a similar story, and that it’s up to them to determine how the offense could impact his sentence. The maximum term on the range of his plea agreement was nearly 20 years, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety.

“I was amazed that he was stupid enough to do it,” Bell said.

Department of Public Safety officials wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the infraction, other than to say it was a Class B offense, which includes “communicating directly, indirectly, via a third party, or in any manner with victims, or family members of the victims.”

Before his conviction Vaughn said that Blair, 52, tried to contact her daughter while in jail. Blair began work as a police officer with the Belmont Police Department in 2001.

He joined Lowell Police in 2003, and worked there until his firing last year.

Vaughn trusted the man to be a mentor to his child, believing that his role in the community would be a positive influence. Instead, she says he abused her power by impregnating her daughter and then refusing to leave her alone.

“It makes me want to kill him,” she said. “Whatever with jail. Jail doesn’t mean anything. The man is still doing it. Apparently he’s getting by with everything.”

Deconstructing An Alex Jones Gish Gallop And More

OKC police have beef with man who stole $400 worth of jerky

Fox And Friends Claims ‘War On Christmas Is Gaining Speed’
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Nine cops bullied teen accusing two NYC officers of cuffing, raping her, lawyer says

After two New York police officers allegedly raped a handcuffed teen inside a police van in Brooklyn, a group of cops visited her in a hospital room and tried to bully her out of pressing charges, her lawyer says.

NYPD Officers Eddie Martins, 37, and Richard Hall, 33, admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old while on the job but claimed it was consensual. They pleaded not guilty to a 50-count indictment last month.

Both detectives resigned from the force this month and are free on bail, awaiting their next court appearance.

Micheal David, who represents the teen, who is 19 now and goes by Anna Chambers on social media, said nine police officers tried to intimidate her and her mom “to discourage them from coming forward” to report the sex assault, Fox News reports.

David told the New York Post one officer repeatedly questioned Chambers’ story while she sought treatment at Maimoindes Medical Center in Brooklyn hours after the alleged rape.

“He kept saying to Anna and her mom, ‘How do you know they were real cops?’” David said. “‘Didn’t you make complaints about cops before?’”

Chambers said one cop spoke to her and her mother in their native Russian while trying to cover his name tag on his uniform.

“Anna said (the officer) was trying to manipulate a rubber band over his name tag, so she couldn’t see who it was,” David said, adding the cop was adamant that Chambers was wrong.

“I was bawling my eyes out. The way they were speaking with me was so rude and aggressive,” Chambers told the Post.

A nurse at the hospital reportedly told Chambers and her mom to not be intimidated.

“Be strong. Be strong for your daughter,” the nurse said, according to David, who added, “The mom stood firm against the cop.”

The alleged attack happened on Sept. 15 after Chambers was arrested for possession of marijuana and an anti-anxiety drug in Bath Beach.

The cops drove her to a Coney Island Chipotle parking lot, where Martins raped her and both of the officers forced her to perform oral sex, she has alleged through David, who says she was released after about 40 minutes.

The woman went immediately to her mother after the officers released her without charging her with any crime, officials said, according to The New York Times. Her mother took her to Maimonides Medical Center, where she was treated. The incident spawned the grand jury hearings and a police internal affairs investigation.

The officers’ DNA matched genetic material recovered from the victim in a rape kit, sources previously told the Post.

Martins and Hall allegedly tried to attack the woman’s credibility by pointing out her raunchy social media posts and a $50 million claim against the city. The letter, obtained by the Post, also mentioned that the accuser had “rebranded herself as a wannabe rapper named ‘Fi5ty Milli,’ an obvious reference to her lawsuit.”

David said he intends to add the aggressive officer from the hospital to the $50 million notice of claim Chambers filed against the city.

“I’m outraged,” he said. “To me, it’s almost as outrageous as the crime, that you have cops trying to intimidate her to not report the crime, trying to protect fellow cops.”

The grand jury voted to indict Martins and Hall last month.

“This validates what my client has always said — she was kidnapped, handcuffed, brutally raped and then thrown onto the street by two on-duty officers,” David, told PIX11. “We would expect the police commissioner to take immediate action in firing these two officers.”

He also called for the “shaming and smearing of the victim of this vicious attack be stopped immediately.”

Chambers is still active on social media and has garnered a lot of support as the case unfolds. Late last week, she tweeted the news coverage of the alleged hospital intimidation.

On Saturday, in response to Chambers’ description of the hospital visit, Mark Bederow, Martin’s lawyer, said there was nothing to prove her account.

“Nothing corroborates the sensational allegations made by a plaintiff’s lawyer more than two months after the incident,” he said.

The cops, who worked as narcotics officers in south Brooklyn, would face a mandatory minimum of three years in prison and a maximum of 25 years if convicted.